Replay of ‘Having It All’ with Hale Dwoskin: A Revolutionary Way To Effortlessly Create Anything You Choose!

    Here’s the free replay of yesterday’s call with Hale Dwoskin, one of the 24 featured teachers of the book and movie phenomenon, “The Secret”… (!) Click the PLAY button below:

    Or right click here to download the audio file.

    On this call, Hale…

    * Reveals why your goals are often not your own – and how to get ultra-clear about what it is YOU truly want.

    * Guides us in a group meditation process to clarify your heart’s desire and release what’s stopping you from having it.

    * You’ll also learn how to use your goal for powerful inner clearing – how to release everything inside of you that blocks you from creating your goal!

    When the training is done, be sure to learn more about Hale’s AWESOME Effortless Creation program. I have this program myself on my iPhone and it’s amazing – highly recommended.

    >>Watch THIS video where Hale explains more about Effortless Creation.

    Our friends at Learning Strategies have also put together a big discount for a limited time.


    – Matt

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