Video: How To Release Unwanted Thoughts, Feelings & Beliefs

    OK, some people couldn’t play the video so I’m posting it here. It shows you how to release negative emotions like stress, anger and fear.

      7 Responses to “Video: How To Release Unwanted Thoughts, Feelings & Beliefs”

      1. Amy says:

        I really enjoyed the core energy technique. Thank you.


      2. Liz says:

        Thanks Matt. The CET was aweeome!

      3. Geoff Dodd says:

        Hey Matt – The Core Energy Technique was beautiful in its simplicity and struck into the heart of the matter. Thank you.


      4. sonia says:

        thank you mat the core energy tecnique was great
        all your meditations r great thank you love n light

      5. Murugan says:

        I am very interested in Meditation related audio & vidio clips

        With regards,

        Murugan R.

      6. Maggie says:

        Your training is really helpful for me. I’m reading an amazing book on clearing emotional blockages, Truth Heals, by Deborah King. She talks about the need to release deep-seated layers of denial, fear, and anger in order to heal the mind and body. I feel like your technique can really help me with this. Thanks!

      7. Douglas says:

        I guess this video has been here for a while but this is the first time I have seen it and the email about it came just when I needed it. Thank you for resending about this.

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