Relaxing Breathing Meditation (…And Quick Question)

    Here’s a wonderful breathing meditation for you to enjoy. It’s from my “Secrets of Meditation” audio program that I created way back in 2003! Time flies.

    I also need your advice and have a quick question for you below.

    But first, please relax, press PLAY, and enjoy the meditation!

    – Matt

    P.S. QUESTION: Last week, I asked for your advice about an I-Ching tele-class and the response was very, very positive. That said, now my intuition is telling me strongly there’s something even more important we need to focus on first. (Maybe we can return to the I-Ching later?). Let me explain:

    I think most of us are aware that even short daily meditation is amazing. Even just a little “me time” each day can totally transform your life for the better. The problem is we’re all so busy with tons of work and family commitments. And let’s be honest here —

    As human beings, despite our best intentions, we’re often “lazy” and “flawed” in our attempts to stick with it long enough to get the desired results. Yes? I confess I can be. Can we agree we’re all flawed and lazy at times? 🙂 (Let me know in the Comments below).

    And I think this applies as much to “meditation newbies” as it does to “seriously experienced navel-gazers” 🙂 . Even if you’re a veteran meditator, I’m sure like the rest of us, you often struggle to find the time, the motivation and commitment to get results. So no matter where you’re coming from, I’m sure at times we all need a gentle reminder to “return” once again to daily practice.

    I’m also aware from my NLP training that 21 days is the magic number to “engrain” a new habit into your mind and body. As I said in my “Secrets of Meditation” program in 2003, after 21 days of daily 15 minute meditation, the practice becomes automatic and effortless. And from there things just get better and better. And speaking of “Secrets Of Meditation”, the program is long overdue an update.

    So I’m thinking we could maybe turn the update of “Secrets Of Meditation” into a free 21-day online event?

    This would mean that it is 100% free to register and attend. There would of course be an option to upgrade for permanent access, allowing you to stream/download the daily audio lessons for listening again anytime you want. Something you can return to whenever you feel you need it.

    So that’s the basic idea. A free online event to install a powerful new daily ritual for you.

    By the end of the 21 days, your new energizing “me-time” ritual has become engrained, effortless and automatic. And from there things can only get better and better!

    What do you think? (You can either comment here or reply to the email).

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    – Matt

      89 Responses to “Relaxing Breathing Meditation (…And Quick Question)”

      1. Jake says:

        I really like this short meditation. I didn’t want it to stop. A 21 day online event would be ideal. thank you

      2. Christine says:

        I would like to try this out..

      3. Sher says:

        Yes Yes Yes It would be great…thinking 21 days is a REAL commitment for me, but I WILL give it a shot. You guys are the only meditation site I have not UNSUBSCRIBED to since I found you. Thank you

      4. Christine says:

        Yes please. This is what the whole world needs ! Count me in. Thank you for your help and encouragement. Keep me motivated.

      5. Thomas says:

        Navel gazing is an under rated activity.

      6. Alice says:

        Yes I would join for 21 days. Thanks Matt for all the past support emails and meditations

      7. Carol says:

        A wonderful idea Matt for a 21 day habit forming meditation
        practice. Count me in. Thanks.

      8. Paula says:

        Sounds great to me. Would like to make meditation a habit and I need help!

      9. Great! I appreciate all your encouragement and support. Better get to work!

      10. Danielle says:

        This sounds great!!

      11. Fred McKeithen says:

        Good idea

      12. charles says:

        I like the idea.I will take anything that helps me to quite my mind for a few minutes each day.

      13. Patricia says:

        Awesome, morning wake up call, thank you😃

      14. Lil says:

        Hi, Matt

        I appreciate your meditations very much, although obviously getting a little discouraged in meditating at times. I’d be glad to participate in the 21 days of meditation. I find when there is a sequence it helps to motivate. Thanks a lot :):)

      15. elle says:

        sounds like a great idea. looking forward to it.

      16. debb says:

        21 days sounds good but do all have water in the back ground ?

      17. Berengere says:

        Sounds great Mat!! So YES PLEASE!!!!! As long as you can sort out the problem of time zones!!! I’m in France, Europe…. not quite Bali…. but need some help with the ‘lazy and flawed’ bit too!!!!
        Thanks for all you do!!!


      18. Penny says:

        Yes! Thanks.

      19. David says:

        Go for it! It’s good for me to have a leader.

      20. Lisa Brockway says:

        Hi. This would be brilliant! I would be interested to find out if it works. I have enjoyed your free meditation and would like to do more. Would we be able to access it at anytime of the day?
        Look forward to starting!
        Happy days

        Lisa 🙂

      21. tamara says:

        Yes, sounds Awesome! 🙂

      22. Ann says:

        that is good I am currently trying to do a 15 meditation each day, sometimes I go longer. Not seeing any significant results at this time.

      23. Lisa says:

        Thank you Matt,
        I am traveling around South America, and don’t always have internet access, but I do struggle with keeping a daily practice, and think it would be very helpful.
        THANK YOU!

      24. Paul says:

        I would love to be a part of this. I have been meditating for a long time. However I have been fighting a battle with cancer and an extremely stressful relationship and needed help meditating. I have been listening to music and guided meditation for over a year and find I have great difficulty meditating on my own anymore.

      25. Annette says:

        I would love that. I had been doing your 15 min meditation for quite some months, but there are always so many otherthings to do….

      26. Dana says:

        Sounds like a good plan.

      27. Marie says:

        Hi Matt, sounds just like what I need to keep me on track with meditation.

      28. Jakii Hyde says:

        wonderful idea—I’m in!

      29. Sue says:

        Yes! Great plan! Thank you!

      30. Yvette says:

        Yes please Matt and God bless you! The 21 day Meditation Programme sounds like the best thing I can think of and I am eagerly looking forward to it already. When will you start???

      31. Orit says:

        Need it so much in my life right now! It will be perfect for me. I’m in! Thank you Matt

      32. Jane says:

        Sounds great. I’d love to participate in something like this because I’m usually stressed and need the meditation experience.

      33. kay says:

        sounds wonderful. I freely admit to being lazy and allowing other things to get in the road. a regular reminder is just what is needed

      34. Tonya Locus says:

        That would be awesome! I’m a newbie to meditating. At first I didn’t feel any different but now I can feel a change! So yes let’s make it a challenge!

      35. Pam says:

        Yes, I would take part in this for 21days. Let me know when, please!

      36. Yvette says:

        This meditation was very short. The ideal is supposed to be 20 mins. Can future meditations be for a minimum of 20 mins please

      37. Carol says:

        This short meditation this morning fit my schedule perfectly.

      38. Matthew says:

        Hey Matt, this is also Matt here. Two Matts don’t make a right doesn’t it? Just a joke on the side. Do you have any latest meditations on your website I could download, such as this one and others? I would like to use them for my meditations for my cd to listen to them whenever I like/

        Matthew Scott

      39. Linda Hardy says:

        Great idea, would love to participate…….Linda

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