Realizing Your Full Mental Capacity

    The essential capacity of your mind is mental intelligence. Mental intelligence comes from developing several mental skills, which include:

    1. The ability to observe and concentrate

    2. The ability to imagine, plan, and organize

    3. The ability to remember, reflect, and evaluate

    You can divide these skills according to their primary time dimension. You observe and concentrate on present events. You imagine, plan, and organize future possibilities. You remember, reflect on, and evaluate past experiences and circumstances. When you have a thought it’s some combination of the above.

    In our upcoming posts, we’ll explore how you can develop your full mental capacities, so you can think, focus, and remember more clearly.

    Happy New Year!

    Kevin Schoeninger

      2 Responses to “Realizing Your Full Mental Capacity”

      1. Kamrul says:

        I really would like to use more of my mind by exploring my mind. I know that to change yourself you need to change the habits and you need to change your belief system. And i need to know how you can actually do that in a more profound way and in a more quicker way. But I got to admit that I have learned a lot about this subject matter from the internet. And this year I need to do more. Theres actually lot to learn.

      2. Audrey Dienelt says:

        Looking forward to what looks like a very worthwhile program for which I can very much benefit. Audrey

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