RE: Turning Your Passions Into Profit

    Do you have a passion for helping others?

    Would you like to quickly turn that passion into
    a profitable business?

    Then please … READ this email.

    Last week I sent you a 7-minute video training from
    Mike Litman called: “How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit”.

    The response has been SO good that …

    I asked Mike to provide more training for clients and
    subscribers with The Mind-Body Training Company.  I
    think you’re going to like what he’s come up with 🙂

    I’m confident this will help you get your business
    off to a flying start.  And perhaps the best part is it
    won’t cost you anything today.

    **  Now there is a catch. **

    But I think you’ll find it’s still worth it.  I’ll
    explain how it all works in this email before giving
    you the link to register below.


    He started where most people start — with nothing —
    but quickly transformed his passion for helping others
    into a $8 million business. 

    Sound unachievable? …

    Since then he’s helped MANY people make a respectable
    living through coaching (with many massive successes
    as well).


    Mike will show you how to get your profitable business
    off to a flying start.  He’s going to break it down,
    step-by-step and show you exactly what to do and how.

    It gets better …

    His blueprint includes EVERYTHING (and I mean everything)
    you need to get started — your custom website, hosting,
    training, blog, autoresponder, support, traffic tools …
    and much more… ALL included for you.

    ** You also get a 1-Hour DVD shipped to your door: “The
       Winning Mindset That Builds Million-Dollar Coaches”


    1) Mike’s sending you stuff in the mail.  He therefore
        just asks that you help out a bit with the shipping
        and handling.

    2) He’s doing this because he wants you to try his monthly
        subscription program — TotalCoach.  You’ll get all the
        tools you need to get your business off to a flying
        start.  You won’t pay thousands, just a small “monthly
        dues” which start after 30 days (if you don’t cancel).

    So that’s what he’s offering.

    And if I were to meet my “past self” from 15 years ago when
    I was just getting started … I would say “Matt, get this!”

    If you’re wanting to get your business started, I STRONGLY
    recommend you go for this today.  And YOU be the judge if
    the program is worth staying for after 30 days.

    I think you’ll find it will.

    If it’s not, you can easily cancel anytime.  At the very
    least, you’re going to learn a lot and make a lot of
    progress in your business … IF you take action today.

    So if you dream of following your passion, doing what you
    love, helping others and making a decent living, then
    I urge you to take this action today:

    Wishing you abundance and fulfillment,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. When you follow that link, you will read about some
    incredible success stories from people like you. Everyday
    people who have quit their jobs, who are making more than
    $8,000 a month, and who have finally found the personal
    fulfillment they’ve always dreamed of. One guy’s first
    sale was $4,200! A complete beginner!

    Now it’s your turn:

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