Quickly Relax Into A Positive Heart-Centered State

    You’ve probably heard how important it is to have a positive attitude to raise your vibration and manifest what you truly desire.  Your inner state determines what you experience and create in your life.  However, did you know that humans have evolved with a bias toward seeing, remembering, and fixing on the negative?  While this may have survival value, it’s not a prescription for thriving.  And, it makes for a life full of stress.

    So, in the following short meditation you’ll discover a simple, yet powerful practice for quickly and easily relaxing into an empowered positive state. CLICK PLAY to begin…


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      51 Responses to “Quickly Relax Into A Positive Heart-Centered State”

      1. Ellen says:

        I love this short and powerful meditation.

        Is it possible to download it as an MP3, or offer it as downloadable MP3 on this website? I love to have these kind of meditations (like the ‘Core energy technique’ meditation) on my smartphone, so I can use them all day and everywhere.

        I use the ‘core energy meditation’ very often to recharge and focus my energy. It helps me to regain focus and stay in a clear and strong energy modus, sometimes even for several hours after meditation only 7 minutes. 🙂


        1. Hi Ellen and to everyone asking for downloads,
          Since the response to these short meditations the last few weeks has been so positive, Matt and I are discussing how to make them available for download. We will be sure to let you know through this Mind-Body Training Community blog. If you subscribe in the right-hand column, you’ll receive email updates whenever we post something here.

          Thanks for all your positive comments!

          I so appreciate hearing from you!

      2. SENTHIL KUMAR says:

        Dear Mr,Ellen Said,

        Very Nice.

        With Kind Regards,
        K.Senthil Kumar

      3. Coralea says:

        That meditation was beautfull it made me feel beautiful inside.

      4. Kari-Ann says:

        I love thihs meditation! How can I purchase it for download?

      5. susanna says:

        What a powerful and beneficial meditation. I’d like to put this on my BB so that I could listen to it during my day between clients!
        Thanks, for this.

      6. Wrenie says:

        Loved it! Thank U for sharing it!

      7. Plaboni says:

        Short , simple & effective meditation. Brings instant relaxation if we are ready to allow ourselves that.

      8. Margot says:

        Thank you for this wonderful and very timely meditation! I just had the time to listen to it AND leave a comment before I have to leave.
        I’m smiling the rest of the day! Thanks!!

      9. Patricia says:

        Oh Kevin,
        This is just lovely and just what I needed. I’m going into my 6th month of Core Energy Meditation. I am truly present to this life I am creating with your guidance. With gratitude and love, Patricia

      10. Linda says:

        Kevin, I love listening to your voice — just that makes me smile. I thank you for the gift. I agree with Ellen, may we have a download? I also greatly enjoy the practices with the books and the learnings you so graciously share.

        LOVE & PEACE,

      11. shirlyn says:

        Thank you. How can you really learn to relax and get intouch with yourself?

        1. Hi Shirlyn,
          I’ve found that focusing your awareness into inner-body sensations, such as in this heart-centered meditation, are ideal for relaxation and connecting to your Core, your deeper essence. If you do this type of meditation a little every day, you will learn to relax and connect to your Core at a moment’s notice, anywhere, anytime–whenever you need to.

          Even five minutes a day can be a great start!

      12. Dawn says:

        Awesome. I had forgotten how many thinks make me smile. The images kept appearing. Thanks for that. I can feel my heart expanded.

      13. GAIL says:


        1. Hi Gail,
          If you subscribe to our blog in the right-hand column, you’ll receive an email notification for these postings.


          P.S.To everyone who is asking about downloads of these short meditations, we’ll also notify our blog subscribers about that once Matt and I decide how best to do that. Thanks for all the positive feedback. Much appreciated!

      14. trevor cook says:

        it was very relaxing and calming and enjoyable

      15. Susie says:

        Thank you Kevin for sharing this meditation. I love it! Simple but powerful.

      16. marion hultmark says:

        Thanks! I loved this meditation, I was feeling very depressed but now I´m feeling much better! Thank you!

      17. Michelle Thompson says:

        Prior to meditating, I was thinking of taking a nap, but now, after the meditation, I actually feel more energetic and peaceful.

      18. hema says:

        Respected sir,
        Your guidance is simply superb and rejuvinating….thanks for the opportunity.
        . with regards….
        . hema.

      19. Maria Cristina says:

        Dear Kevin,
        I really thank you for sending this precious moment of meditation and relax. I enjoyed very much. Blessings!

      20. Gale Patrick says:

        Thank you – a lovely meditation that I can remember and will continue to use –

      21. Jean says:

        Felt really happy and relaxed thank you

      22. Stephen says:

        Ah, very nice and tranquil with an undertone of uplifting energy. I’ve not heard the instruction before this to imagine strings gently lifting my collar bones up. It really does create more chest space and help to bring my attention to the heart area. It also promotes a deeper belly breath. Very nice. Thank you!

      23. Kannan rajagopalan says:

        I enjoyed this a great deal . so nice feeling during and after practice!
        Will try this often now. I used to calmly breath and meditate ,but from now on will add a smile too and feel better.
        Thank you again for this piece of learning PEACE,
        Kannan rajagopalan.

      24. Annette says:

        thank you Kevin, I love these meditations. I do the Core enrgy meditation evertday! I love it!

      25. Maria says:

        Thank you for this very powerful meditation.
        It made me feel so good! The smile just makes
        it perfect!

      26. Stephanie says:

        Beautiful. Thank you so much.

      27. Fred says:

        I met a beautiful dog while bicycling today and the smile he caused in me has stayed with me and helped me through this great little meditation. …Thanks.

      28. mahendra singh says:

        It is very nice and relaxing one had immediate effect on me while practicing it. many many thanks once again.

      29. Amazingly simple and easy – and really effective. Thank you so much!

      30. Brenda says:

        God bless you Kevin,
        My day has started on a loving high!
        love Brenda 🙂 x

      31. Susan Bowers says:

        Thank you. Needed this to get my focus back on track. Nerves for job interviews tomorrow:-)

      32. Jan says:

        I could feel my hear swelling, getting warmer and sending that warmth all through my cells. Lovely meditation, thank you. I agree with others I would like downloads of these short sessions. Yours in loving peace, Jan

      33. s s bola says:

        Thanks for sharing such a wonderful piece of meditation. Would like to download it

      34. Kath says:

        A lovely quick fix to help release tension , stress & feel good. Ideal for busy days. Thank you, I meditate every day & like to try different ones. This is superb in it’s simplicity.

      35. Julia says:

        Thank You Kevin, lovely meditation. reminds me of your core energy technique but short + sweet! Thank You, Julia.

      36. Keith Jones says:

        Hi Kevin,
        Really liked this short meditation which I feel sets me up for the day!!
        Thank you

      37. Deborah Rampaul says:

        Listening and following the simple instruction made such a difference through out my body, God is awesome in allowing such a response through listening.

        I laugh a lot, I love to, as life is great, but I never would of thought of smiling through my heart.

        Thank you, this has made a difference to me and has let an impact in my every walk of day life.

        Deborah -Jamaica -Caribbean.

      38. Helena Zefanias Lowe says:

        Fantastic moment!!! never thought my heart could smile. It feels awesome.

      39. Lenka says:

        I can unite with what Plaboni said. For ex. my husband did the meditation with me, but his depression didn’t allow him to focus and get any benefit from it in the contrary of myself. I like it 🙂

      40. Chrissi says:

        Thankyou for this meditation I have recently been troubled by a tight chest which is not disease related this helped me open again

      41. Lida says:

        I don’t have no sound from your web

      42. Lucy says:

        Thank you for sharing.. I loved this very much.. short and sweet.. Many thanks and gratitude.

      43. Monique says:

        I panicked and stopped the audio in the middle because I can’t recall a single thing that makes me smile… I am not depressed but the things I do like do not make me smile. I don’t understand. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

        1. Hi Monique,
          Maybe you could try just smiling for no reason at all. Just smiling to feel happy.

      44. Kath says:

        Thank you Kevin. A lovey meditation, short & sweet enough to give a quick but needed boost for al, stressed, busy or just tired people.

      45. google says:

        Great post but I was wondering if you could
        write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate
        a little bit further. Appreciate it!

        1. Here’s an article I wrote a little while ago about self-generating a positive, heart-centered state:

      46. Hey! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my old
        room mate! He always kept chatting about this.
        I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read.

        Thanks for sharing!

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