Transformational Video – Accepting The Unacceptable

    Last week I shared with you a technique for dissolving resistance. The technique arose from our members discussion and the group coaching environment at Spiritual Growth Monthly (SGM)

    Well, now the story continues! From today at SGM, and for the rest of the month, we’re discussing the insights and practices of Eckhart Tolle. SGM member Maryleen posted a link to a great video below that I really want you to see.

    It’s about how to release resistance in your life. You’ve heard that what you resist persists, right? Well where in your life are you shouting “No!” Is there a way to release “The No” in your life?

    Click the PLAY button and see what happens!

    Be happy,
    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

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      4 Responses to “Transformational Video – Accepting The Unacceptable”

      1. Ray says:

        matt you have been awesome in your videos i read all of Tolles works and no doesnt mean no really it just means ask me at a later time (Landmark education) but you have be great as you incoming mail I look forward to but have not the funda at this time Thanks Ray

      2. Salome Hunt says:

        I have gone through the most horrendous suffering which completely changed my life, but never changed my faith or belief – sad that you find the idea of being born-again something to scoff at…

      3. Hi Salome,

        It’s true that I do not take the **idea** of being born again too seriously.

        What’s happening inside inside yourself on the level of being is what’s really important. That part of who we are is beyond any particular viewpoint or interpraration of Truth and it’s also beyond all our suffering.

        Peace be with you,


      4. Chris Ekstedt says:

        Matt, thank you for posting these videos and your Easter commentary. I found both very spiritually nourishing today.
        Tolle is one of my favorites…beside Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama. I think your techniques can be useful to all religious (or simply spiritual) perspectives. I too hailed from a fundamentalist religion (which I consider Catholicism to be) and still find value in its principles if not in its dogma. So I think I understood you perfectly on that point 🙂


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