Own It To Change It

    We learn at a very early age to say things like “I didn’t do it,” “It’s not my fault,” and “They did this.” On the surface, this seems like a solid strategy to make your life easier. In reality, it’s only a good strategy if you want to live your life as a victim of circumstances.

    As you journey through life you’ll likely discover that “I didn’t do it” is a belief that will get in your way. When you don’t see the part that you play in what is happening in your life, you have no power to create positive change. That statement keeps you trapped in cycles of victimhood in which everyone else is to blame.

    At some point, it’s important to “own it to change it.”

    When you see anything in life that you don’t like, when you experience anything frustrating, painful, or unfortunate, your power lies in taking personal responsibility for it. If you are willing to step up to the plate and say “Yes, I did that” or, at least “I played a role in what’s happening,” you’ve taken the first step toward personal power and positive change.

    Only when you own your part in what is happening do you gain the ability to do something about it. If you can be specific about exactly how you are contributing to what is happening, you can take specific action to remedy the situation. By seeing exactly what you are doing you’ll see exactly what you could do differently to create a different result.

    In highly complex situations, you may not be able to discern exactly what you can do to change them, but you can begin with this attitude: “I played a part in this, please forgive me, I’ll do what I can to make a positive difference.”

    If you take that approach whenever you see something that you don’t like, you’re on the road to real transformation and making a positive difference for us all.


    Kevin Schoeninger

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      1. Hilary says:

        Yes, I have learnt how true this is, and just how much it empowers us when we can take that responsibility for having a part in whatever we find ourselves in. It certainly opens us up for then having some real choices.

      2. Thank you Hilary. Very well said.

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