Why Everything Is Amazing!

    A friend sent me this video… The world of form can be frustrating when things don’t go immediately to plan. But are we forgetting what’s truly miraculous about life? If you’ve ever felt frustrated when things don’t seem to be working, this will certainly break your state (as it did for me).

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      1. Eric says:

        How true, how true! Really makes you think

      2. Douglas says:

        Thanks for sending it. I was just in this place of complaining and I didn’t want to be there but couldn’t figure out how to shift, I was shifting a bit and then go back to complaining and then I say, “I want to feel good” and I threw it to the Spirit and you send this, how great is that?

      3. Mary says:

        Everybody should hear this message, we are so speeded up can not or don’t want to remember even 10 years back. Thank you.

      4. Thank you, a real treat. True and humoristic

      5. Maria says:

        Next time I fly, I want to sit next to him ;>)

      6. Frances Flores says:

        Agree! Agree! Agree…this economic situation is actually a blessing in disguise – we’ll discover strengths in ourselves oblivious to us during our complacent, “amazing” era of instant gratifications, where the wonders of life are so easily overlooked. Life is giving us a chance to slow down and…..wonder at the fact you’re in the air! Hey, things WILL work out, people!

      7. Repeka says:

        Thank you for the video. It was funny and true. There is alot to be concern about but there is much more to be thankful for. ri

      8. tammy says:

        Who is this guy? I want to see more. Thanks for posting. He is right.

      9. Laurel says:

        AWESOME! Agree with Frances (hey Frances!)! Cutting right through perspective is what we need to do more of.

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