Where Is The Next Level Of Your Evolution?

    People often ask me …

    What’s the best manifesting technique? How do I attain the highest level of meditation?

    That’s what I want to talk about today. I also want to tell you about 2 ways you can step up to your next level in terms of your health, connection to Source, relationships and your finances.

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    First of all let me say thanks to everyone who took part in the New Year Breakthrough Training. I had a great time! I’ve received lots of email from people saying they found the whole experience transformational. I enjoyed myself too.

    If you haven’t listened yet, be sure to listen to the replay here.

    Remember Aesop’s fable of the goose that laid the golden egg?

    One day, a farmer jumps for joy when he discovers his pet goose has laid a golden egg! He starts to get really excited…

    He starts to imagine all the things this new found power will create for him. He thinks of all the stuff he’ll be able to buy in terms of material wealth – and he also imagines telling his friends about it and how popular and loved he’ll be by others.

    So then the goose lays a SECOND golden egg…

    The farmer snatches it away in an instant. “I need this for the new car I want!” he says to himself.

    The next day, the goose lays another golden egg and again, the farmer snatches it away in an instant. “I’ll need this one to buy a gift for my wife”.

    But then the next day, when the farmer examines the goose, he find there are no more golden eggs.

    How can this be?

    So the farmer in a bout of desperation gets down on his hands and knees and begins to pray, “Please God – make the goose lay another golden egg”


    So he starts to visualize the goose laying a golden egg. He sums up all his will and his intent and repeats the total conviction the mantra “The goose is laying and egg. The goose is laying an egg.” He repeats this to himself over and over again.

    Still nothing

    Then he tries to pretend that he doesn’t care anymore. He watches television and tries to “take his mind off” the goose for while. “I have nothing to worry about. My golden egg is on it’s way,” says the farmer.

    After 30 minutes, he looks up again and sees the goose looking back at him sheepishly!

    In a fit of anger, the farmer grabs a knife and SPLICES open the goose’s belly…

    “Where are the eggs?!? Where are the eggs!?!”

    To his dismay, the farmer doesn’t find any more golden eggs and even worse, the goose is now bleeding to death!

    So what’s the next level of your evolution in 2008?

    Is it more golden eggs or is it to care for the asset that produces the golden eggs?

    My friend Kevin Schoeninger, author of “The Power Of Practice” says that our culture as a whole is so OBSESSED with results that we often forget what’s really important. That is the PRACTICE.

    Sometimes we’re so focused on the results we think we want, that we miss what’s really important – we miss taking care of the asset that produces your results – YOU. Your mind and body. The subtle energy system of your mind-body.

    Now am I saying results are not important?

    Of course not.

    Results are important. It’s good and healthy to focus on the golden eggs – creating superb relationships and financial abundance. I’m all in favor of decided what you want, creating a practice to manifest it.

    And do we have some the cutting edge tools to help you do that?

    Absolutely. In fact on the New Year Breakthrough Training, I took everyone through two very powerful processes that utilize “timeline technology”. We set intentions together and then planted them in our future timeline so that we are EXPECTING they will happen.

    A VERY powerful process.

    In Part 2, we also used regression technique to go back and remove your greatest limiting belief from it’s root event so it no longer affects the present.

    Both these processes are great tools for helping you create the golden eggs. So yes, results are important.

    And for me, being successful is not just about getting more golden eggs or results. If you want to be happy in the long run, you also need to take care of the ASSET that creates your results – that is YOU!

    When you take care of the goose that lays the golden eggs, you automatically find yourself with all the eggs you need anyway.

    These are “free range eggs”. (In the UK we have “free range eggs” which means the geese are aloud to roam free. Because of that, the eggs are much better quality. These golden eggs don’t make you sick!

    The eggs are very healthy, natural eggs, very good for you. The reason for that is that these eggs are the result of caring properly for the asset that created them – the goose – that is you

    What is the next level of your evolution?

    Absolutely the first step decide what you want in terms of your health, connection to Source, relationships and finances. That’s exactly what we did in the The New Year Breakthrough Training.

    So yes, we have some amazing tools to help you clarify your intentions and set up you expectation and your belief so these things expect

    But what’s the next level of your evolution that will help you live the life you are MEANT to live in 2008?

    The next level is to take care of your mind and body. It’s to take care of the subtle energy system of your mind-body.

    Because when you take care of the ASSET that’s responsible for creating your results or your golden eggs, then you automatically find yourself creating and going for the RIGHT things in life. This is what Kevin means when he talks about “living the life you are meant to live”

    When you’re coming from that place of what Kevin calls “Core Energetic Awareness” – where you’re aware of the energy that runs through your central channel, and you have cleared that channel – that’s when you know who you are and what you’re here to do.

    The eggs or the results you produce in your life will come from that place instead of surface level desires and needs.

    The first step is to listen to the New Year Breakthrough Training. The second step is join the very first Spiritual Growth Monthly.com coaching call. That will be this Sunday.

    It will be best if you’ve already listened to the NYB training before then. So do that if you haven’t already done so.

    SGM is all about interaction and coaching around these principles.

    You’ll get to work personally with Kevin who has 27 years experience as a meditation instructor and holistic fitness trainer. You’ll be able to interact with him on the blog and the coaching calls.

    You’ll also get instruction in “core energy meditation”, which is all about developing the flow energy through your central channel. This is fundamental for living the life you are meant to live. You’ll get instruction in that and the ability to ask questions.

    There’s lots of expert advice on diet and nutrition – to make sure the energy you’re taking in is serving you in terms of living your purpose and coming from that place of connection to Source.

    There’s lots of tools and advice for monitoring yourself. There’s also information about how to apply the “7 higher consciousness practices” that help you eliminate reactive patterns of fear and stress in your life.

    All his stuff, and more than that, the very first group coaching call is happening this Sunday.

    I’m really excited about being part of this new community.

    I’m really looking forward to learning myself what Kevin has to share and also being part of the community where we’re all beginning this together.

    This is the time. If you want to be in at the beginning on the first coaching call, get yourself signed up. You can actually try all this out for just $1 and see if it’s right for you.

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    You’ll get immediate access into the site – the core energy meditation and all the tools discussions which are starting to get going.

    You’ll be able to ask questions of Kevin and join in the first coaching call this Sunday.

    I’ll be there for that and I hope you can make it too.

    Now we’re going to re-direct you now to the “no risk acceptance form.” where you can try this for $1.

    Be happy,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

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