New Video: “Secrets Of Holistic Fitness”

    P.S. If you haven’t claimed your ‘preview set’ of HFT, time is
    running out.  We only have a limited number and they are moving
    fast now.  As of writing this, it’s looking like we’ll be winding
    this up early next week.  Here’s the link to get yours:

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      1. Bronwyn says:

        Hi Kevin and Matt,

        The video has a lot of good info on it, however I must admit there seems to be something missing. Maybe the camera work could be a little more dynamic, on the small screen you can’t see the presenters face, and combined with the even, hyponotic tone, that means that the concentration has a tendency to wander. The elaborations on the principles are a little long winded, I lost the point a couple of times, so maybe a bit of editing, some text on the screen when recapping for those who are visual learners, or tips on how to internalise/remember them when one gets started.

        The presentation does have a quality of honesty and I actually like the lack of hype.

        Good luck with it all,

      2. kevin says:

        hi, l have done these exercises every week, with my tai-chi teacher also is a
        teacher of the Alexander technic.
        i have been doing it for two years and still have a sore hip and a Cough
        the cough has lasted 10years……… i never get ill, i dont get colds
        so l do get benefits.

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