New Meditation: Welcoming Profound Abundance

    I’ve created the following short meditation to help you welcome the natural flow of Abundance into your life by experiencing what you desire right here and now. PRESS PLAY to begin:


    P.S. I’d also like to thank everyone who participated in and commented on my last meditation, “Easing Money Stress.” In response to your comments, I’ve included a little more time for you to settle into the experience and come out of it slowly. So far, I’m holding to the importance of silence in the background, but feel free to sway me on that or to let me know anything else you’d like to see in this series of meditations around money, abundance, and financial freedom.

    P.P.S. After listening, please share your comment below, and, if you like this, feel free to share it using the social media buttons below, too.

      56 Responses to “New Meditation: Welcoming Profound Abundance”

      1. Sara says:

        Thanks for this short meditation, Kevin. Easy to get into state.

      2. Lucy says:

        Hey Kevin… i’m really enjoying these short meditations and wonder whether it is possible to also provide an mp3 download to the links?

      3. Prisca says:

        Great meditation Kevin. I could feel the abundance and this is one meditation I want to repeat over and over agian. Keep up the inspiring work, you are a blessing.

      4. Susmıtha Nair says:

        Very nice. I am learning to meditate. My mind is very disturbed but still my trial with this was almost successful. Thank you so much Kevin, for sharing this

        1. Hi Susmitha,
          My view is that every time you take the time to practice is successful. It’s an important part of the process to notice what your mind is doing, and, to the degree that you are able in the moment, to accept whatever arises. Your practice will blossom and grow in that space of acceptance.
          Keep at it. 🙂

      5. yasmina cera says:

        Hey Kevin,
        Simply saying THANK YOU. Hope the meditation be helpful.
        I will let you know.
        Best To You,

      6. Rachel says:

        What a beautiful, peaceful meditation, thank you. What else is possible?

      7. Eloise says:

        Great meditation

      8. Sallee says:

        What a peaceful place. Blessings & thank you, precious Kevin.

      9. Godwin says:

        Thanks Kevin,
        From far away Nigeria in Africa, I assure you that I enjoyed it greatly. Weldone!

      10. Janet says:

        Thank you, I found this meditation inspiring.

      11. Georgia says:

        Hi Kevin,
        You are doing such a great job for so many. I actually play this to over 100 yoga students so you are enjoyed over and over.Thank you.

        1. Hi Georgia,
          Thanks so much for appreciating and sharing this with others.

      12. Therese says:

        I prefer the silence to the music because it’s easier for me to be present without thinking.
        Your voice is surely a gift from God. When you speak, I feel closer to HIM and to my inner self.
        I enjoyed stepping in the scene of abundance as a present reality. For me,abundance is the ultimate manifestation.
        I hope you will persevere helping us to meditate on abundance till we live paradise on earth. Thanks.

      13. Love this peaceful meditation. Thank you for sharing.

      14. Susan says:

        Effective and thank you thank you for no music, much more restful and personal , Yipee!

      15. Tsatsi says:

        this is wonderful.

      16. tony says:

        I am enjoying this quit, meditation and looking forward for more.
        Your way of guiding us to image abundance and space, I love it.
        Thank you.

      17. Hi to all,
        Thanks for participating and for sharing your comments. I appreciate hearing your experiences and suggestions, so keep them coming! 🙂

      18. Marla says:

        funny but my most abundant thought was supper at mom with my grandkids. kids, husband, step dad friends all around LOL– I guess I better make that happen

      19. pauline crespin says:

        …..Thank you I enjoyed that…..very relaxing

      20. Carol says:

        I found this meditation very uplifting and enlightening. Thank you for sharing this with me.

      21. Doug Patterson says:

        Kevin, have been using your wealth manifestation meditation for months now. Excellent. These latest ones are a great addition and very helpful. Thank you!

        I do hope you will put these out as an MP3 so I can use them daily!

      22. Corrie says:

        This calmed me as I needed. I opened myself up to just being and prepared to get some of my work done in a joyous way. This morning a turtle popped its head up in the scene I created as I did this on my balcony over the sea and for some reason at one moment my eyes opened. Am grateful. Thank you.

      23. Elizabeth says:

        excellent in length and content

      24. Sarah says:

        After going into your meditations I experience and feel the outflow of my amazing potential and substance when I anchor in the mediations. Your meditations always quiet the outer voice of illlusion. Im currently not working just living in the grace I am and loving the freedom of being off. im about to spend all I have in receiving a yoga ayurveda teacher training certification in the Poconos. I love the benefits of going into meditation especially ones that get deep to the core blocks to help unveil reveal and allow more truth to flow freely and easily in the body. I am a huge fan! A few years ago i fell deeply in love with the ancient art flow of qi gong. it is my favorite form of mediative movement. i would teach it by dvd at the chemical addiction recovery home where i worked. They miss me! Ive been off since november as no accomadations from nightshift can be made in healthcare and Drs. won’t return me to nights since shift work and nights are bad for sleep focus and attention especially when my job is to teach and help people improve sleep and mental states. I am a highly vata energetic body and i often need to perfect cultivate and master deep meditative stillness. You help facilitate my inner calm and expansive peace so very well that i experience more presence transformative joy and an overflow of abundant ideas flow to me these days:)
        In deep gratitude, Sarah

        1. Hi Sarah,
          Thanks for sharing some of your experiences with meditation and qigong–and for expressing your appreciation.
          Qigong is the basis of much of what I do.

          Enjoy your teacher training and best wishes in your important work!

      25. Sharmon says:

        Great meditation really calmed my innerness.

      26. Janet says:

        Thank you. A wonderful reminder,,,,and so refreshing!

      27. Dot says:

        Thanks for your generousity, Kevin! Short, simple yet powerful, and to the point! Something I should be able to complete even though I’ve never been good at meditating! Your efforts at helping humanity are very much appreciated!

      28. Martyn says:

        Thanks Kevin

        If not a musical background, how about a nice muted gong or Tibetan singing bowl chime just before you start talking again?
        A nice easy to get into meditation. Keep them coming and please make them available for download

        1. Hi Martyn,
          Nice suggestion. There’s a great gong at my son’s Kung Fu school that I could record.

          And, yes, Matt and I will be putting these meditations together with others for download.
          We’re grateful for your, and everyone else’s, comments to help this come together.


      29. Maryam says:

        Hi Kevin,
        I am grateful for your help and the fact that you share your work with meditation to people all over the world! Please carry on!

      30. Kirin Loomis says:

        Excellent in every way! And I like the idea of you trying things out on us and welcoming our feedback. You are helping us so much, and it’s nice for us to get to help you too!

        1. Hi Kirin,
          A great win-win.

      31. Maria says:

        Thank you for all the inspiring work

      32. margherita says:

        Another great meditation. I have your other download series but really enjoy these short “snack” meditations for quick lift me ups between what ever else I’m doing so keep and use these as well during the day. I like the silence. I’m doing alot of meditation at the moment to get over chronic migraines and can just handle the soothing voice on low volume but when there is music or other noise it sometimes aggravates the migraine and makes me sick so I can’t listen … so maybe a choice for a silent or background option? that way you could do 1 recording but keep every one happy 🙂 as they could buy which ever version they prefer (or both are offered in package and they could play which ever they prefer?). Thanks also for all you do for us. I am so grateful I have these and your downloaded packages to play at the moment.

        1. Hi jmrallan,
          I like that phrase “snack meditations.” And thanks for your suggestion and appreciation.
          I’m experimenting with adding a brief “singing bowl” tone as an intro in the next one, so I hope that doesn’t bug your migraines.
          I wish you well in overcoming those.

      33. Rowan says:

        Thank you for sharing.

      34. Gilda says:

        Though short, it was calming, and I quickly “saw” what I was filling my inner space with….and attaching the “feeling” within my mind. Thank you…grateful for your gift!

      35. Sanj says:

        This was so restful and easy to feel abundantly aware. Thank you for sharing it when i needed to calm myself while preparing for our family trip. Blessings to you and all.

      36. C. Gilmour says:

        I was unable to play it, very disappointing

        1. Hi C.,
          Sorry it didn’t play for you. We have it set to “autoplay,” so it should begin automatically when you land on the page.
          Maybe you need to enable something in your browser or try with a different browser?
          Sorry I can’t be of more help in that.

      37. Ana says:

        Very nice voice, music and timing , I like it. I will listen this one frequently. Send me more is you create others, it looks that every one like this one . Very successful with this one. Congratulations.!

      38. lolo says:

        for a minute i was there, truly amazing…

      39. Paulette says:

        What a wonderful experience. I can’t stop smiling. I will contine listning, and experiencing total aboundance…

      40. Mayura says:

        Dear Kevin,

        Greetings of the day.

        It is extremely relaxing meditation. I am grateful to you for sharing it with us. i request you to please give a mp3 file which I can download on my handphone. This will allow me to meditate at any time. No need of internet connection.

        Thanks in Anticipation 🙂

        Warm regards,


      41. Tracy says:

        Short and Sweet. I could feel the joy. Thanks!

      42. Tahmina Rahman says:

        Beautiful meditation.Thank you very much.

      43. Joyce says:

        Thank you so much for this meditation. Short and so very sweet!!!!!

      44. Stephen says:

        Thank you, Kevin, for another awesome meditation. For me the experience comes not as a single place/setting/image but rather as a series of events and activities that I dearly want to have. The common thread through them all is sharing and profound happiness, laughter and joy. I see myself with my son, with friends, and my partner. I see myself owning the tools I need for my creative endeavors, happily working away in a bright spacious studio. I see myself in a flow of abundance that I share with many others, supporting their work their recreation and lives. I feel a connection and an end of isolation. I prefer the silence to music so please feel free to keep that portion as it is. Thanks, again. I will add this to my daily regimen and watch the benefits unfold.

        1. Hi Stephen,
          Thanks for sharing your vision of abundance. Awesome!

          And, it looks like we are going to make the program available with all three background choices: silence, nature sounds, soft music, so that everyone can choose which way they prefer.

          Thanks again for your appreciation and participation,

      45. Devi Pillay says:

        Hi Kevin.
        Lovely meditations- as i do them more often, the ‘easier’ it becomes. ‘Monkey mind’ settling down nicely. Many thanks.

        (South Africa0

      46. Asma says:

        Truly great and inspiring meditation!

      47. vinod says:

        An excellent and very effective meditation. With a little experience one can do it almost anywhere and feel totally refreshed and charged.
        Keep up the good work Kevin
        Bless you

      48. cirstina says:

        Thank you!!! it was very good!short, effective to the point.

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