New Meditation To Ease Your Money Stress (+ quick question)

    If you’re feeling financial stress, worry, or fear, you may be blocking the natural flow of Abundance with limiting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around money. In the following short meditation, you’ll release inner resistance, so you can more easily and effortlessly attract amazing financial possibilities into your life. PRESS PLAY to listen —


    P.S. I need your help. I’m working on a new series of guided meditations to help you clear your financial stress and manifest financial abundance. Can you please COMMENT and let me know your advice on what would make the new program really awesome. I really appreciate it. And please, if you like the meditation, do SHARE the love with your family and friends 🙂

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      1. Karen says:

        I was just getting into the meditation when it was finished. I guess I have a way to go when it comes to letting go of my beliefs. That didn’t do it for me. I’ll try it again.

      2. Chrissi says:

        I agree with the majority of these comments already made but would add that I believe financial freedom might be a better word as to some people the word wealth- as it relates to certain others can itself be a negative word

      3. Madeleine says:

        Hi Kevin,

        Loved the fact that it was so short and was able to put all my financial ups-and downs into one basket. Also the fact that it was directed specifically to Money. I do your other meditations dissected to other things as well as the longer meditations.

        Many Thanks,


      4. Kirin Loomis says:

        Abundance and financial freedom are useful concepts for me. (For me the concept of wealth is intertwined with wealthy people and what some of them have done with their money, so wealth is a tainted word–for me.)

        I like having this brief meditation, even if you also have some longer ones. They each serve a purpose, and sometimes we only have time for the short one.

        Thank you so much for helping us all this way!

      5. ravi says:

        really good – i have been “creating” money troubles all my life- even with a steady job – this has really helped me= THANK YOU

      6. cheye says:

        Really cool and brief. Wish there was a download link.

      7. Aroha says:

        Hi Kevin,
        it was lovely into the relaxation and spaciousness, the money part was a very short compared to the intro.
        I did get one visual though that I could flow with.

      8. Jim McDonald says:

        Hi, Kevin – Thanks for your soothing delivery which allows one to enter into a safe listening place where we can be accepting of what you are saying and also with ourselves and our inner processes. I agree with you that music would be a distraction from our inner process. I feel somewhat more comfortable with “financial freedom” than “abundance” and definitely less comfortable with “wealth”. As one who has been in the workplace for 50+ years and is slowly easing into retirement, I find myself less concerned with having “more” or “wealth” and more aware that what we have is “sufficient”.

      9. mary says:

        nice, soft, relaxing…would enjoy added dialog on releasing emotional baggage about money…short a bit but effective…felt I was just getting into it. Thanks for your efforts…most people need exactly this at the end of a day. Bless, Mary

      10. manjula says:

        Kevin this was a good one. Short but powerfull. It was like as if the universe had give an answer to my morning self talk and some decisions made early morning today.
        Sometimes music is not required. Though you could have one with music.
        Thanks! 🙂

      11. tony says:

        I liked your words expressing the Body as a open clear inner space. I really could image this.
        Financial Freedom is very attractive. FREEDOM brings smiles.

        thanks . Tony

      12. Kandu says:


        The idea to me is detachment from all that stuff so that we would be able to handle it far better.

        Check Financial QE by Frank Kinslow for more ideas, there is a video on youtube about it.


      13. Alyson says:

        Great meditation!!! Thank You!

        Would love to see a short ‘energy burst’ meditation for the morning to start a busy work day. Something to listen to when I first turn on my computer at my office to rev up my day.

        THANK YOU!

      14. When you come to the edge of all the light you know,

        and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown,

        faith is knowing one of two things will happen:

        there will be something solid to stand on,

        or you will be taught how to fly.

        WOW!!!! Thank you

      15. Sophia says:

        This was ‘perfect’ as I’ve been..trying to be calm with new financial issues !!! I will continue to use this daily !!

      16. Marion says:

        Thank you Kevin the meditation is short and very powerful.I think it’s awsome great job ‘I love your viice

      17. Kimberly says:

        I really like the medication. Your voice is very calming and soothing. It has a very relaxing quality to it. I did find that in the beginning you spoke a little too quickly maybe slow down, be a little more relaxed. Maybe a little too short…otherwise, I think it was awesome meditation! Thank you!

      18. Lynn says:

        Thank you, I enjoyed it very much. I valued the quiet within your voice and appreciated the quiet when you were not speaking. I liked your visual of the open space within the body. If I were to pick any changes, I would like more healthy visuals and a longer meditation to go deeper into it. Thank you for all your loving contributions.

      19. Michele says:

        I thououghly enjoyed this meditation but wish it could have been longer with more lead in time to relax and maybe some quiet, relaxing background music.

      20. Salena Rutledge says:

        Thank you, for that experience! It’s very kind of you to share yourself, and such a wonderful meditation with your universal family. I must say, I deeply appreciate it. I feel that it is awesome to have people like you in the world, who are making such a positive difference to mankind.
        I truly enjoyed the meditation it was brief, but to the point. I will continue to use the visual in order to obtain the life that I truly desire. Many thanks, and blessings to you. Please keep up the good work!
        Best Regards,

      21. Stephen says:

        Thank you for sharing this meditation. I did not have difficulty with the visualization and, in fact, would have enjoyed more time to ease into it and linger there – to give myself the opportunity to allow my scattered thoughts to rise, be noted, dissolve and then go more deeply into the meditation. I am interested to see how it affects me to do it everyday for a week or two. I expect that I will more quickly and easily hold the vibration of the visualization as I continue to do it – especially important during my day-to-day activities when I am not “sitting in meditation” Again, thank you so much for sharing.

      22. Judy says:

        Kevin, I thoroughly enjoyed this meditation. I like the stillness and the gentleness of your voice and it was easy to focus on visualizing being in the flow of abundance. Thank you so much.

      23. Matthew says:

        Hi Kevin, Matthew here. Just wantiing to know you mind body audios, can you put a link for any of them so I can download. I find downloading them is easier for me so I can listen to the audios anytime I want to PC or CD.

        Please reply soon

        Matthew Scott

        1. Hi Matthew,
          Here’s the link to the post in which you can download the first three:

          We’ve also just released the full program here:

          The full program has nine meditations, both in short and full-length format and with three background choices: silence, babbling brook, and soft music.


      24. Silvana Martins says:

        Hi, Kevin,what I´ve noticed (reading the responses you had), that more the positive people seems, the more they enjoyed the meditation, however short. Deeper issues were not relieved and people seemed more disapointed. So what you need to add in your new albuns is a bit of magic, positive energy, powerful blessings. Well, maybe miraculous cure.
        As for me, I meditate for wealth, so I can have financial freedom to share abundance with everyone (deserving or not). I want it all, simply like that. Much money for you all,

        1. Thank you Silvana. I appreciate your observation and suggestion.

      25. Frank Burgess says:

        I have a slight hearing problem and that is; I have great difficulty hearing people talk whilst music is playing at the same time. On occasions it infuriates me.So please do not include any music on your messages. Other than that I enjoy most of them.

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