Never Stop Laughing: A Tribute To Robin Williams

    By now you’ve probably heard the sad news.

    Comedy genius and “force of nature,” Robin Williams, died yesterday at the age of 64. In a statement, Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider, said she was “utterly heartbroken”:

    “On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

    So today, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of Robin Williams’ most outrageously hilarious moments!

    I hope you enjoy them. Robin was best known of course for his zany portrayal of an alien in the 70s show, “Mork and Mindy”. I’ve picked out for you two videos to enjoy.

    The first titled, “Mork’s Mixed Emotions Part 1 is simply hilarious, and the clip is just 10 minutes if you’re short of time:

    The second video I’ve chosen for you is the Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot. This episode takes a little more time to watch at 50 minutes, which is why I’m declaring today “Intergalactic J**king Off Day,” so that everyone can feel free to watch. (I’m sure Robin approves). In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

    * The opening scene when Mindy meets Mork for the first time. Mork is disguised as a priest wearing his suit backwards.

    * Mork takes dating advice from “The Fonz,” but his first date with a New York girl does not go so well!

    * Mork’s hilarious encounter with a cop and his subsequent hearing to determine his sanity. Robin’s Perry Maison impersonation cracks me up, but so does every second. Blink and you might miss something.

    Enjoy, and I would love to hear YOUR favorite Robin Williams moments in the Comments below.


    – Matt

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