I Need Your Help!

    Wow… loads of you have been writing to say thanks for the meditations I’ve been sending.

    You are welcome of course! I love giving them away and I’m sure you’d do the same if you were me.

    I Need Your Help

    Relax … this is going to be fun 🙂

    I’ve just finished a new program called “Meditations For Manifesting” and I’d really appreciate your feedback before I release it
    to the rest of the world.

    Here’s How You Can Help

    I’m going to send you a copy of my new “Meditations For Manifesting” program. All I ask is that you give me your honest feedback.

    For example, what do you like about the program? What could be improved? Just tell me what you honestly think. I really value your feedback.

    You can pick up your preview copy here:


    Thanks so much for your help on this.

    All the best,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. I only have a small number of preview copies available. If you want one, you should go claim your copy here today.


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      1. Stephen Gaertner says:

        I too would like to thank you for the meditations you have been sending, Matt, and I would like to say that sending out the preview of your new program is not only an incredibly generous thing to do, but in terms of marketing, it is inspired.
        Thank you, again.

      2. Hi Stephen,

        You’re welcome. Glad you’re enjoying the material! Of course, the idea of giving stuff away is not mine but I love doing it all the same!

        All the best,


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