Mini Meditation to Attract Purposeful Prosperity

    You’ll become an attracting force for abundant prosperity when you infuse your money transactions with positive purpose. When you harmonize your money with your Core Values you’ll feel lighter, freer, more energized, connected, and alive–and you’ll be more prosperous!

    So, the following mini meditation empowers you to see financial transactions as purposeful exchanges that express your Core Values and welcome abundance.


    P.S. This mini meditation comes from our “Core Meditations for Financial Freedom” Program. Click here to learn how you can use this program to release your limiting beliefs around money and install an empowered Purposeful Prosperity mindset.

      13 Responses to “Mini Meditation to Attract Purposeful Prosperity”

      1. Ross says:

        Beautiful,succinct,powerful,and deeply insightful! However I’ve come to expect such a high degree of, excellence ( in humble opinion). Thank You. I and all who count on me to be strong are beyond grateful!

      2. Coralea says:

        I really enjoyed this meditation because I get a lot of happiness helping other people through all walks of my life I can do that.

      3. hasan says:

        Great, thank you..

      4. Phil says:

        Thank you for this meditation. My wife and I had a failed business that caused me to become suicidal. Your meditations actually make me believe their is hope. If I could ever afford your programs I will anxiously look forward to their arrival.

        Thank you for saving me!

        1. Hi Phil,
          I encourage you to continue to practice the positive feeling and mindset you’ve discovered in yourself through these meditations–and things will turn around.
          Best wishes,

      5. mary says:

        One of the best I’ve done in a long time….will do it again… me to a place I’ve been searching for…..what I am to do… I know. Thanks more than you know

      6. Nancylita says:

        I thank you so much for this meditation Kevin, I feel the positive energy all around me every time I follow this meditation…..thank you and God Bless you always for sharing…..

      7. So glad to hear so many of you enjoying this one and feeling positive energy!

        Thanks for your comments,

      8. Anne says:

        I love the music used in this meditation….very different than the norm. I love the stark piano notes…they are dramatic almost like a movie score. For me it creates an interesting atmosphere which holds my attention for the meditation. My mind tends to wander and this music helps me to stay focused. Thank you for these free mini meditations!!!

        1. Hi Anne,
          You’re welcome and thanks for your feedback on the music behind this meditation.
          It’s good to hear about your experience.

      9. marg says:

        thanks again for another wonderful mini meditation – when I’m busy and short of time and can’t use the longer meditation programmes I’ve bought from you, it’s lovely to know I can keep the feelings going with your short meditations. And your generosity of supplying them free. Thank you.

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