Mini Meditation: Relax In The Ocean of Awareness

    Last week I was on a family vacation off the coast of Maine. Besides being a great family getaway, I took the opportunity to record some nature sounds to serve as background for meditation.

    In the following meditation, I invite you to relax into the gentle flow of the waves as you release attachment to thoughts, feelings, and sensations–allowing them to naturally come and go. I think you’ll find this a great way to free and clear your mind.

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      16 Responses to “Mini Meditation: Relax In The Ocean of Awareness”

      1. Raju Iyer says:

        This is a wonderful, short meditation.It has a relaxing effect on you immediatly.

      2. Barbara B. says:

        Lady Atlantic was, and always will be, my first and only love! Her rugged coastline, sea salty air, ever changing restless searching.

      3. Penny says:

        Thank you. Very nice.

      4. Nelson Almonte says:

        This is perfect for those of us who are bothered by passing thoughts while doing meditation…. I love it !

      5. Barb says:

        Very Good. I took it one step further and became part of the waves. As I breathed in I was pulled gently from the shore and then breathing out I let myself be gently guided into the rock bound coast of Maine (where I was born) I just became one with the ocean!

      6. Maria says:

        Thank you, I found it very relaxing, I like the idea that I am an ocean

      7. Becky says:

        Lovely, I wanted to stay there.

      8. colette says:

        That wasn’t the ocean!! Souned like someone spashing water in a bathtub!!

        1. Hi Colette,
          Actually that was the ocean as it sounded on the coast of Islesboro Maine in the Penobscot Bay on one particular evening in August. It was this unique “splash and fizz” sound that made me go get my recording equipment.


          P.S. Glad so many of you are enjoying this one.

      9. Hamish says:

        That was awesome. Couldn’t help but shut my eyes and listen….

      10. Paul says:

        I liked it because the visual of letting the thoughts that came through just pass through and wash up on shore was very powerful for me and it worked. I couldn’t believe how well it worked..Thank you for this gift. It came at the exact right time when I needed something like this.

      11. Jim Lentz says:

        Thanks. Nice, relaxing meditation, esp when under stress.

      12. Neela says:

        Wonderful as always!!Thank you!

      13. Paul Vijayakar says:

        Quite a soothing effect in such a short duration, fantastic.

      14. chris says:

        Thanks that is a really relaxing meditation to bring you back into the present moment and to let go off worry.

      15. Alma Quinto says:

        Thank you so much it’s just peaceful!!

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