Mini Meditation: Being At Ease in Your Life

    If you ever find yourself over-reacting, over-whelmed, or just plain over-doing it, there’s a powerful practice that can help you come back to center and feel at ease. That practice is mindfulness.

    According to mindfulness expert, Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, Mindfulness is non-judgmentally paying attention on purpose in the present moment.

    Practicing mindfulness can create deep relaxation and enable you to respond to events and experiences with more insight, compassion, and creativity and less attachment, tension, and reactivity. Mindfulness meditation can generate a relaxed, yet alert, state of heightened awareness in which you calmly witness what is happening inside and around you without being attached to the thoughts, images, feelings, sounds, or sensations that move through the stream of consciousness.

    The following mindfulness meditation will help you be at ease in your life. After listening, I’d love to hear your Comments about how it went. Also, please share with your family, friends, and co-workers through the social sharing buttons.


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      16 Responses to “Mini Meditation: Being At Ease in Your Life”

      1. Sandra says:

        I feel really at ease. Washed on the inside like an intrrnal shower. Full of power. Energy.

      2. Joe O'Connell says:

        Lovely, peaceful, relaxing, waterfall spa experience. Beautiful!

      3. wendy says:

        amazing short meditation, really helped me de-stress and clear my mind.
        thank you for sharing this 🙂

      4. Karen says:

        Thank you!
        This came to me at a time when I was out of focus.
        I know that what you focus on will manifest in your life. However, I kept wavering which meant nothing will manifest.

        You meditation has helped me come into the moment and settle down.

        Thank you.

      5. Melanie Harmon says:

        I liked it

      6. Lorraine says:

        Thank you for the mini meditation. I rally needed it. I was interrupted almost near the end but I continued anyway. I problabl got distracted about 30 seconds. I will do it again some time today.

      7. Basil says:

        Thank you so much.I liked it and helped me to clear my focus on my insight.

      8. MMMario says:

        Wonder-full! Thank you!
        Is there any way to download this track so I can have it on my phone?
        Just for emergencies.

        Thanks again.

      9. Alex says:

        Kevin – What’s happened to your voice? It seems to have become rather robotoc and more American?! Preferred your earlier meditations.

      10. Jennie Webb says:

        Thank you Kevin. I like the way you remind us that it is ok for our thoughts to wander, perfectly natural. I thought I was terrible at meditation until I met you. Thank you! 🙂

      11. Thanks to all who appreciated this meditation and took the time to say so.

        To MMMario who is asking about a download, we will be keeping this meditation post up on the site, so if you bookmark the page on your phone, you can return to it anytime you need. In the future, we will probably put these short meditations together in a download program.

        To Alex who is wondered what happened to my voice, I think you may be thinking of Matt Clarkson’s voice (he has a British accent). I don’t think my voice has changed. I speak these meditations slowly to reflect a relaxed, neutral, meditative state that I am in at the time. Many people tell me that is effective to help them meditate. Like anything, my style is probably not for everyone.

        Thanks to all for your participation.

        Enjoy your practice!

      12. Pat says:

        Made me feel calm and peaceful.
        Thank you Kevin

      13. Sunel says:

        Dear Mr Kevin , it was good !
        I was not able to recharge my mobile balance with a scratch card coupon after scratching and dialing the hidden no .I tried many times, with other card it was success but this is was working for 3 days. Soon After listening to this audio I opened my eyes and immediately I tried the card, at once I noticed that due to not properly scratched I was typing 8 instead of 3 and I got it recharged .My experience is ,it similar to any inspiring video or meditating on beads or concentrating on breathing etc. These things bring good focus but it won’t last long ,emotions can easily drive it away .Try to make emotion less volatile.!
        Thank you very much.

      14. marg says:

        thank you letting the thoughts come, label and then float away has really calmed me down. I was starting to feel stressed due to the pain of a weather migraine and a 2 day storm setting in here… horrible to know 2 days of pain etc. I let the ball of pain dissolve and float away also. and now it’s gone WOW. I had book marked this to do again each week but think I will also keep repeating it while this storm stays – much better than all the hard medicine. Thank you for all these mini meditations – they are great little “snacks” that add to the full meditation programs I have from you.

      15. Farhat says:

        Thank you for all your programmes but you know when one is stressed one simply forgets to go for such things. Stress is really very powerful agent to drive you off everything, like a devil.

      16. Ruth says:

        Thank you for the refreshing meditation, a wonderful way to recharge anytime.

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