Meditation to Welcome Enlightened Prosperity

    Does your mindset support the abundance you desire? Or do your limiting beliefs keep getting in your way? To welcome the flow of resources into your life, it’s vitally important to cultivate a mindset that supports prosperity. So, in the following meditation, you’ll welcome a Purposeful Prosperity mindset and an enlightened Vision of the Network of Light in which you live.


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      18 Responses to “Meditation to Welcome Enlightened Prosperity”

      1. Ernst Otto Kamp says:

        VERY interesting indeed, congratulations !
        Right at this moment, I couldnt apreciate it fully, because I fell and bumped a side rib into a door knob . . .

      2. Doug says:


      3. Fay says:

        The track does not have sound,, this is the second time that this has been sent with no sound,,,

        1. Hi Fay and Doug,
          I have listened to this on my laptop and on my phone and I am getting sound on this track.
          Have you adjusted the sound on the audio player? There is a slider on the right side that will increase the volume. Also, you might check your speakers?

          P.S. I have now tested this on an iPad, too, and it works fine, so I know it’s working on Apple devices. 🙂

      4. Shrikanya Ghatak says:

        Thank you!!

      5. Annette says:

        I love the meditations, kevin , they are fantastic!
        Good sound, no problems.
        Thank you!

        1. Thanks for that positive feedback, Annette and Shrikanya!

      6. Marion says:

        It’s so beautiful thanks

      7. Patrick says:

        Worked fine for me. Thanks!

      8. Nalini Jain says:

        It was awesome. A sense of calmness and peace came over me. It was as if I became one with everyone.
        Thank you.

      9. I’m glad to hear that so many of you are enjoying this.
        Thanks for expressing your appreciation!

      10. Helena Zefanias Lowe says:

        Thank you for the beautiful track. It is so soothing.

      11. Simone Lantain says:

        Beautiful meditation, one of the best I’ve heard ever. My sincere gratitude for sharing this with us.

      12. Matthew says:

        Hi, this is Matthew here. Can I have a link for this meditation please so I can download and listen on my mp3 player please this Meditation to Welcome Enlightened Prosperity please?

        Matthew Scott

        1. Hi Matthew,
          Glad you liked this one.

          If you would like a download of this meditation it is included in our new “Core Meditations for Financial Freedom” course.

          Best wishes,

      13. Madeleine says:

        Hi Kevin,

        Thank you. Found it a little bit difficult to do.


        1. Hi Madeleine,
          It’s good to hear from you.
          Can you tell me a little more about what part you found difficult to do in this meditation?

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