Meditation to Attract Financial Success!

    Mentally rehearsing the abundance you desire primes you to welcome that experience in real life. It creates the mind-body circuits that make you a magnetic financial attractor.

    So, in this mini meditation, you’ll imagine a desired financial experience and three steps that will take you there.

    (I’ve included the “nature sounds” and “silence” versions here. You can find the “soft music” version through the links in the P.S. below.)

    “Imagining Success!” with nature sounds:

    “Imagining Success!” with silent background:


    P.S. This is the final mini meditation from our “Core Meditations for Financial Freedom” course. I hope you’ve really enjoyed these tastes of what it’s all about.

    This week marks the end of our introductory promotion on our Special Offer. So, if you haven’t already, make sure you get your copy today! You can instantly download all 9 meditations in mini and full-length versions with all three backgrounds (54 tracks in all, plus .pdf Coursebook), so you can take them with you, release your inner limits around money, and welcome financial freedom into your life!

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      11 Responses to “Meditation to Attract Financial Success!”

      1. Marie says:

        I have truly enjoyed the sessions and as soon as my finances arrive I will invest in more of your program available. Thank you very much I an enjoying the journey very much and the awakening within.

        1. Your welcome, Marie.
          I wish you great success!

      2. Chantal says:

        Wow this is amazing! I saw 3 steps I thought about before, but never acted on them. Thank You 🙂 Namasté!

        1. Hi Chantal,
          That’s great. Go for it! 🙂

      3. Fay says:

        The sound does not play on the audios?????

        1. Hi Fay,
          Sorry to hear you are not getting sound. I have checked the sound on several devices and had comments from others that it’s working, so I’m not sure why you aren’t able to hear it. I would check your speakers or device sound settings and adjust the volume slider on the audio player. You also might try clicking through to the course info page through the link in the P.S. and see if the meditations have sound for you there. Not sure what else to tell you.

      4. Trisha says:

        I really enjoyed it

        Thank you very much

      5. Roberta says:

        I have added this meditation to my blog, thank you for creating the meditation.

        1. Hi Roberta,
          Thanks for sharing this on your blog!

      6. Roberta says: my link to the blog that I posted your blog

      7. continue says:

        Make a listing of words and phrases that communicate your heartaches about your work along with your values. Where there is predictability, the future prospect find it monotonous and tend to get bored.

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