MEDITATION: get control of your mind?

    In this week’s post, I shared with you a "game" to help you get unstuck from destructive patterns like fear, insecurity, sadness, unworthiness, lack of motivation, and "I’m not enough".

    The main insight (and meditation technique) I shared with you was to practice noticing, moment-by-moment, the difference between two types of experiences:

    1) Direct sensory perception (sights, sounds, body sensations, smells and tastes)

    – AND –

    2) Stories (experiences tainted with assumptions, beliefs, opinions — some sort of mind-generated *meaning*.)

    What you discover, as you play "the game" moment-by-moment, is that large chunks of your suffering pattern are not actually here now. Rather, it’s a STORY constructed by the mind consisting of LAYERS of belief, judgment, resistance, and you guessed it – MORE useless analysis to keep the suffering cycle snowballing! 🙂

    Now, when that realization happens, maybe it won’t cause the entire pattern to fall away instantly, but if you’re open to it, it CAN massively WEAKEN the stuck pattern. And just as important, the game also gives you a sense of what it would be like IF THE PATTERN WERE GONE — something you normally are blocked from seeing at all. Now the next piece…

    The "game" was just the beginning.

    To fully dissolve your stuck patterns and get control of your mind, learning the skills of meditation is key.

    In 2003, I created a simple, step-by-step course on how to do meditation, and today I’d like to make you an incredible offer so you can download these powerful meditation skills right now. Get control of your stuck pattern, and free yourself from all your self-destructive habits and patterns.

    It’s called, “Secrets of Meditation, Health & Manifestation” and literally thousands of people around the world have learned how to clear their stress through meditation with this essential program. (OK, I’m a little "embarrassed" that the web site hasn’t been updated in such a long time, but I guess I can drop that story — the course itself is solid).

    And even beyond the guided meditation exercises you get, you also learn some advanced breathing exercises to clear stress and raise your energetic frequency that most people do not know. Plus manifesting meditations are combined with the breathing to help you attract anything at all you want. The course comes with lots of guided meditations which makes it easy to do and follow along.

    For the next 48 hours, I’m giving you 20% off the discounted price. This applies to BOTH the download version and the audio CD version.

    Simply visit the link below, scroll down to the bottom, and click through to the order form.

    Click here to learn more about “Secrets Of Meditation”

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    Peace and prosperity,

    – Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

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