Meditation For Optimum Health – A Powerful Meditation to Boost Your “Vital Energy” and Natural Radiance!

    In the following 4-minute excerpt from the “Optimal Health Meditation” found in my “Radiant Health & Vital Energy Toolkit,” you’ll get a taste of what Inner Smiling feels like and how it infuses your whole body with radiant positive energy! Enjoy this 4-minute meditation. Click PLAY:

    Please comment below and let me know your feedback. If enough people like these videos, I’ll make more for you! 🙂

    – Kevin

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      4 Responses to “Meditation For Optimum Health – A Powerful Meditation to Boost Your “Vital Energy” and Natural Radiance!”

      1. Sandy says:

        The smiling meditation was a warmly comforting and acknowledging self-validation. This is important in a world where we often forget to include ourselves in giving, serving, and being appreciative. I experienced a nurturing sense of energetic spiritual recovery. Powerful and important.

      2. That was awesome! My whole body is smiling for inside out. I rarely ever smile and this meditation has me feeling so happy and at peace. Thank you

      3. Monica Augustine says:

        This was a great little meditation. Feeling a bit under the weather and it felt like it helped immediately. Thank you Kevin.

      4. Romina Campbell says:

        It Was wonderful meditation. would like to do more if i have time. I love smiling it feels good to feel the warm of the sun.

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