The Best Way To Respond To Mass Economic Fear!

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      10 Responses to “The Best Way To Respond To Mass Economic Fear!”

      1. Michelle Leeds says:

        Hi Matt,

        Wow! I just did the wealth meditation. My feeling was 8 before and after doing the exercise it went down to a 3. Do I keep doing it?


      2. Dianna Peterson says:

        I have no negative feeling toward financial abundance. I am learning to let go of the feelings of lack in the present. The meditation is great!

      3. Hi Dianna,

        That’s excellent. If you don’t have negativity around something you want, please do NOT create any just to do the exercise! 🙂

        The freer you are inside about something you want to attract, the easier and faster it can happen. If there’s no blocks there, just remember to stay focused on what you want and go with the flow! Mind-Body Training will help you deepen and expand the flexibility of your energy system. Then you’re far more able to have a thought and see it manifest.

        Where there is negativity, positive thinking is normally not enough on it’s own — you have to release the underlying energetic patterns.

        More on this soon.

        All the best,


      4. Vikki says:

        Hi Matt…I bought the manifesting meditation last week and have been listening every morning and already feel better about money. Thank you so much. In love and light. Vikki x

      5. Cathy says:

        Hi Matt,
        Love the sample can you help me manifest the $7 to buy the full version? 🙂 I love your meditations, your voice is so easy to “flow with”.

      6. Hi There,

        Glad you like the meditations. Cathy — to manifest $7 the Universe has given me a message for you…. Have you looked down the back of your sofa recently? 🙂

        All the best,


      7. David Hall says:

        Matt, I also love the sample meditation. I tried to purchase the full version and have not received the download link. Should I wait for it or re-submit the order?

      8. Hi David,

        Be sure to chek your spam filter. That’s the issue 99% of the time. If you still need help, please open a ticket here:

        All the best,


      9. Greg says:

        I really liked what you said in the opening about not letting the negativity of the daily news to get you down. It distracts from the love energy that we possess, and may even bring on more of the fear energy, which is transmitted to others just as easily as love energy. I am hooked on the news, specifically NPR, and I try to read the newspaper everyday. What I try to do is let the news flow over me, and try to remember that there is good and evil in the world, but the world is not an evil place. It is natural and we take solace in familiarity

      10. Annette says:

        Thank you Matt – what a great way to spend a few minutes per day for a lifetime benefit!
        I went from a nervous, breath-holding 8 to a calm and hopeful 4!
        Can’t wait for next time (and the full version)!

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