Why Manifesting What You Want Is Like Making Tea!

    One day, a professor decided to visit a famous Zen master…The professor was keen to prove to the master how much he knew about Zen. As the professor babbled, the master poured his cup to the brim… and then continued to pour.

    “My cup is full!” cried the professor, “Stop pouring!”

    “You are this cup”, the master replied, “Unless you first empty your cup I cannot teach you anything.”

    I think manifesting what you want is like making tea!

    To enjoy the perfect cup of tea you must first empty your cup. If you forget to do that, you end up making a real mess!

    In today’s modern world, we’re already totally overloaded with stress and past programming. In my experience, adding more programming when your cup is already full, just creates poor results and obscures who we really are.

    We are the emptiness not the tea.

    However, the more programming we add, the more we hide our true essence and the more mess we make. That’s how a worthy desire can become entangled in reactive emotions, stress and other conflicting patterns of the mind.

    In addition to what was in your cup to begin with, now you have all the extra thinking about your desire – “What if my desire manifests?” “What if it doesn’t manifest?” Plus all the extra emotion – the fear of success and the fear of failure, or the frustration of having to wait longer than 2 seconds ๐Ÿ˜‰ And how do most people respond to all that unecessary tea? That’s right –

    More positive self programming!

    That’s a recipe for internal conflict, fatigue and poor results. In my experience, “The Secret” and the law of attraction works far better when you first “empty your cup”. The breathing and meditation practices I teach are designed to clear a space inside so that the emptiness that you already are can shine through.

    That’s the first step.

    When we reach that clear place, then everything else seems to fall into place.

    What you truly want becomes clear – manifesting is no longer something that “you” do – rather it’s inspired. The right focus for your power and the right actions then become obvious.

    If you’d like to know more about my daily practice for doing this, click here.

    Be happy,


    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

      17 Responses to “Why Manifesting What You Want Is Like Making Tea!”

      1. Christy says:

        Matt, I was meditating the other morning and I came to a place where I realized that there is absolutely no time or space. The time is infinint as well as the space and it was so cool! I live in a 745 square foot apartment, okay for me but rather small and I teach PE and I am an entrepreneur in the Oxygen Bar business. Since finding you in January and listening to Ghalil and The Secret I have been able to purchase a new laptop computer and I walked in to a super cool smoke free nightclub Live Music Venue and was able to get my bar in there two days later. I now have another gig to do at Gibson Showcase in Nashville and I have you and Rhonda Byrne and Ghalil to thank for it. I’m excited and happy everyday and I wanted to thank you and when I get out of debt I am buying everything you guys have!

        I love you so much!

        Christy Moss
        Nashville, Tennessee

        Check out my space, you need to get on there!

      2. Catherine says:

        you’ll probably never know how perfectly timed your email was. finding life a struggle today, so I went with it. blearied eyed after an afternoon nap,checking emails, i received yours.
        thanks for helping me keep the faith this end,

        from a sleepy little buddha!!

        Cath xx

      3. Christopher says:

        thanks matt, you always have something good and useful to share.

      4. Carmen R.D. says:

        Hi Chris, thanks so much for all your postings and for keeping me in your list. Always very enlightening. Today specially. I agree wit the need for space to handle new knowledge and our lives in a more significant and efficient way. Sometimes the cup may become full with the new knowledge though. For exmple, the more we bcome aware of karmic dynamics, past, previous,future lives, the more we discover and create new powerful connecting channels to the divine, and become more in control of divine nature and therefore our own ability to use these powers, then the cup may get so full that other phenomena may occur. For example, over-reading the meaning of things, interactions, what people say, underestimating the importance of pursuing a particular thing in real time of this life, instead of giving up easily under the premise, that present barriers may mean, that it is not meant to be in “this life”, but perhaps in the next life, speculating about what people are thinking, why they behave a certin way, based of very little information, leading to inductive reasoning, and speculation about other people. I have experience this with some others when they approach life with this type of overflowing cup of tea.
        Emptiness of the cup is the key, I agree, however, I believe there is a greater element necessary to hold new tea and keep his integrity and warmth, for a longer, more meaningful enjoynment: the readiness of the cup to hold this new tea, the detachment from any selfish motif to desire this new tea, and the agreement of the cup, that the new tea wont make him be “more” than others. The humility to recognize God’s greatness and oneness, to celebrate our own divine nature, without even trying to arrive at the conclusion that because we are divene, therefore, we “ARE” God. We were made to his image, and yes we are divene in nature, and we can develop incredible powers, but not become God ever. God is the only self-subsisting being who created all, we can only approach the reality of God, but never become it, and still feel such great gift of being divine in nature with abilities to directly connect to our dive source.
        Currently, I am cleaning my cup, making space and working on its very essence so it can hold this new tea that I am searching for, and looking forward to.Thank you so much for your input in my life as well.

      5. Sarah says:

        Hi Matt
        Is meditating the only way to empty your cup??

      6. Serena says:

        This is so important, so rarely addressed and little understood. Yet so simple and beautifully demonstrated in the simplicity of the example. Every time we make a drink, this action can serve as a trigger, a reminder to empty out and be clear. That means that our emotions have to be expressed, no matter how inconvenient or unsavoury, letting them be acknowledged and released. So many ‘positive thinking’ directives encourage people to ‘transform’ a ‘negative’ emotion or thought into a ‘positive’ one. But the Universe (responding to our authentic Self) is neither fooled or impressed as the core issues mount and clog our cup. We will likely experience repetitive ‘negative’ situations until we authentically and honestly release our grip on the inauthentic Self which is in denial. I’ve discovered a little gem: http://www.newsforthesoul.com and gained so much understanding from listening to Jo Dunning. Perhaps, Matt, you’d like to check this out for an interview.

      7. Saratha says:

        Thank you, Mr. Clarkson, for advice that is so down to earth. The Baha’i writings mention the need for one to be “as a hollow reed from which the pith of self has been emptied”. Your thinking appears to be in line with this.

        With great appreciation


      8. Isabell says:

        Hello Matt,
        You’ve explained exactly what I’ve been feeling lately but couldn’t understand as I’ve put the law of attraction into practice consciously. I’m going to focus more on emptying the vessel now.
        Thanks a lot for the insight!

      9. Corinne says:

        Great way to end the day reading this blog.Spent the day with the Secret, Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf and T Harv Eker. All of them said meditate more and listen more and then take the action to empty the cup so new pure stuff can come in.

        Meditate and believe

        Vancouver Canada

      10. Jeff says:

        Only if you believe you have a cup or stuff in the cup to empty. You are neither the cup, the stuff in it, or the one who empties it, so ultimately it is all irrelevant.

      11. Kate M says:

        This is something I have really come to understand in the last six months as I left my job to write a book. The urge is constantly to push forward and work, work, work. Actually, the best thing you can do sometimes is absolutely nothing. Creativity requires space in which to grow. Some of my best creative moments have come from taking time out….to do nothing!

      12. Matt,
        I keep getting ‘linked’ back to sources that proclaim that I should – as you said – ‘become empty and ready to receive/manifest what I desire’.

        I have created a framework for realizing improvement (see the ASK4 info) and am having difficulty getting this conversation underway..

        I have created a wonderful fundraising item (www.877DLite.org) and am having difficulty getting it produced/marketed to support worthy causes…

        I beiieve the universe is available, and somehow I may not be ready (receptive?).

        What is your insight – or suggestion?

      13. LEN PARKER says:

        Thanks for your site. Please put me on your mailing list.

      14. LEN PARKER says:

        My biggest problem with meditation is that I become so relaxed I begin to fall asleep. What can I do to over come this without too much discomfort.

      15. Steve says:

        Good beginning of the thought process. But I see that you have failed to visualize that we need to enlarge the cup too. If you are going to be tiny cup (even with meditation), then when are you going to have enlightenment.

        If you can take only limited, you would remain limited. I agree that we need to unwind, but not empty over selves. If you empty what has been provided unto you, what is the fun in receiving in the first place. I would suggest that your meditation should also encompass growing oneself (opening up yourself) to be able to mingle with the divine. Only then would you have salvation.

      16. John Marshall says:

        On reading these comments I felt I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

        A good friend of mine recently wrote to tell me that to succeed in life requires a willingness to view life with a positive perspective, and it remains within the interest to be persistent in every determination, for it is her view that nothing can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; for the world is full of unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; for unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; as the world is filled with educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

        After receiving this it occurred to me that there are times when incomprehension can be pretty damn interesting, particularly when something can be seen from all sides figured out and resolved whether a location or idea for how with frequency I have discovered a short-sightedness within parts of life which forced me to re-examine those parts. An example would be recognizing when fear of the closeness of the immediate environment can blind the individual to elements that constitute the surrounding environment and the failure to comprehend the many features which break up the density of the structure only for some individuals to perhaps seek a tentative solution to avoid and move around the peripheral boundary. It is often an absurdity that delivers a resolution. For some itโ€™s to get a good job for others to maintain friendships and contacts that might enrich and enhance their life and dreams. It also prevoked many other images within the surround of current debates, the pollution of rituals and taboos persist to confound many. one example that comes to mind is how parents are always so worried about the effects of pornography on their children and to see how they forget the other stuff, the dominance of how, why and when defuses the focus. The best thing is to walk or that drugs, TV and alcohol are for people who have forgotten to walk I haven’t always obeyed most of this myself but it’s always a good reminder. When thinking about children and what they learn is it we remind ourselves the need to draw attention to other peoples lives and the difficulty in their living the feeble minded, how to be good the poems we learned prayers and banal songs all memorized to effect. Children need paths to explore to take their bearings from familiar landmarks, the further you look back and the deeper you excavate in search of the childhood what is it you recall first for I know from speaking with many they have forgotten they may recall a person a place or a thing, but if you try harder the first you will remember are the paths for nearly if not all learn to walk before speech so paths come first, people and things second. Paths of those first steps around the house, down through the garden, the path to the park the shops the way to school, corridors through the fields of long grass surrounded by bushes trees and woods. Given greater thought what do we know of the earliest part of mans education the most important part was to follow the paths of animals. Oh I know detractors will claim their own experience and occasion when they found themselves lost became angry no doubt with the location and the instruction from a parental voice that told them to follow the path and you’ll be alright. Then perhaps it is we are forced to question our own ability to ignore the dimensions of other humans.

        I know this is nought to do with the question of meditation perhaps more to do with emptying the cup.

      17. jerry says:

        is the cup half full or half empty? are we the cup or the tea? or are we the cup, the tea and the emptiness?? Maybe we should start thinking about who is asking the question and what the answer really encompasses. I think I am all at one or another and then on rare occasions all simultaniously. But always seem to come back to this meat sack and have to start all over again but that’s not so bad either. It’s all just part of being human.

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