Living Your Good Intentions Step 2

    Yesterday we talked about how to set the stage for living your best intentions by priming yourself first thing every morning with positive visualization. As part of that practice, we discussed scheduling a time during the coming day when you will act on growing what is most important to you.

    Step 2 is to follow through with that action.

    In your morning visualization, you picked a time or event in the upcoming day when you would act on your good intention. You then imagined and felt yourself successfully engaging in the action to realize your good intention.

    When you arrive at your scheduled time, activity, or event, first, call to mind your morning visualization. Recall the feeling of what it was like to imagine successfully engaging in the activity of living your best intention. Bring the feeling of imagined successful involvement back into your body and mind. Then focus on your positive intention as you actually take that action.

    For example, if you want to write a book or give a talk about a subject that is important to you, bring your excitement about sharing that topic into your mind, remember your positive rehearsal of it from your morning practice, and hold your positive intention as you engage in action.

    Whatever it is that you want to create in your life, focus on your positive intention and engage in an activity that expresses, grows, or builds “that” at least once a day. The action can be small or big, so long as you do something every day.

    The consistent repetition of small acts builds great things.

    Take one action today to grow what is most important in your life.


    Kevin Schoeninger

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