If you haven’t registered for our free event, “A Joyful Stress Free You In 7 days,” you’re either very busy or slightly crazy!

    LOOK: Here’s my guided gratitude meditation that we use in the “abundant energy” sessions:

    If you like it, then I encourage you to join me for “A Joyful Stress Free You In 7 Days” which starts on Monday.


    If you tried the abundant energy demo I previously sent, the more astute reader may notice that I appear to be sending you this out of sequence! (After all, the abundant energy routine starts with breath-walking, follows with standing meditation, and then ends with stillness, gratitude and conscious creation). So, why would I send you the last step first?

    Look – before you tell me, “No, you have the wrong sequence,” just trust me – there is a good reason for doing it this way. I’ll explain later, but for now, just enjoy LOL 🙂

    By the way, this meditation uses “open focus” style questions, which I’m also a huge fan of. Unlike traditional meditation, there’s no struggling to focus with this AT ALL. You just allow yourself to respond naturally to the questions… And I think it feels pretty darn good if I do say so myself : )

    So once again, thank you for everything, and I look forward to sharing more!

    – Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Bo0dy Training Company

    P.S. Tell your friends to check out the abundant energy meditation demo HERE (they can also register if they’d like to join us for the start on Monday too):

    P.P.S. Access to the first 7 days is free next week – my gift to you. If you want in instant download all 21 days, plus some pretty amazing bonuses I’ve assembled for you, then check out the upgrade page. Upgrade before 11:59pm EST on Sunday October 19 for the greatest “early bird” savings. And thank you – it’s what makes it possible to send you free stuff 🙂

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