KNOCK KNOCK! Protecting Your Doors Of Thought

    Do you know who said these wise words? …

    “Stand porter at the door of thought, admitting
    only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily
    results, you will control yourself harmoniously.”

    Kevin and I focus on natural, holistic practices to
    calm the mind like meditation, Qigong and energized
    breathing… but there is another CRUCIAL piece of
    the puzzle here …

    Instead of just setting your intention and expecting
    it with gratitude etc … as discussed in “The Secret”,
    it’s also important that you know how to “stand porter
    at the door of thought”. Let me explain …

    They famously said in “The Secret” that “thoughts are
    things”. What you think about consistently is what
    shows up in your mind-body and in your life, right?

    True … But …

    Did you know that the average person thinks
    something like 40,000 thoughts per day? And let’s
    face it %$firstname$%, who could possibly CONTROL all
    of that? I mean, do you even know what you’re NEXT
    thought is going to be?

    Of course not…

    So how are you supposed to keep talking, focusing and
    feeling what you want ALL the time? I’m not going to
    kid you — it’s an enormous challenge, but I will say
    this… AMAZING things can happen when you make even
    the smallest shifts.

    So today I want to tell you about a program that will
    TEACH and TRAIN you to “stand porter at the door of
    thought”. The program is from my friend Karim Hajee
    and I want you to take a serious look at this …

    Karim has taken the most powerful and effective
    personal success secrets and put them in an easy-to-
    use-system that really works. By working with Karim’s
    system you’ll be able to:

    ** Identify Your Own Path to Success

    ** Eliminate the Fears that Cripple you and prevent you
    from succeeding.

    ** Effortlessly Embrace Your Strengths when you want.

    ** Immediately Replace Your Limiting Beliefs with
    Empowering Beliefs that will catapult you forward

    ** Increase Your Confidence

    ** Create or Improve Intimate and Personal

    ** Learn how to overcome mistakes, and turn setbacks
    into opportunity.

    I know there are a lot of personal growth and self-
    improvement books and systems out there. Karim’s
    system is fantastic for taking control of your
    self-talk and therefore your beliefs and your life.

    Here’s why…

    Karim takes you by the hand and leads you through
    some very important techniques that really will create
    long-lasting changes in your life. Not only that, he
    teaches you how to integrate them into your daily
    routine so they become automatic.

    We all have our own personal power. But not
    everybody knows how to direct how they communicate
    with their subconscious mind to eliminate blocks and
    create what they want.

    That’s why so many people around us live in negative
    based realities while only a few seem to thrive and

    I’m sure you know people who just seem to have things
    go their way – they set outcomes and they achieve them,
    time after time. The only difference between them and
    those who are not so successful is that they know how
    utilize their personal power and make it work for

    That’s exactly what you’ll learn to do with Karim
    Hajee’s system. Now, I’m not going to try and explain
    Karim’s system in this email. But I am going to ask
    you to go here and take a look at it yourself:

    Thank you,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. I only recommend what I feel is a good choice for
    you. I highly recommend Karim Hajee’s Creating Power
    to train you to “stand porter at the door of thought.”
    When you learn to better choose your thoughts, you
    change your life.

    P.P.S. When you combine Karim’s Creating Power system
    with any of my programs, you’ll soon become virtually
    unstoppable when it comes to setting and manifesting
    your deepest and highest intentions.

    Karim has set aside a limited number of copies just for
    my community so visit this link and begin creating the
    life you deeply desire now.




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