Kevin’s Meditations – a few quick questions

    Glad so many people are loving Kevin’s meditations!

    I want to make sure this program is totally awesome, so would you mind answering a couple of quick questions? Please share your quick feedback here —

    We really appreciate it. At the end of the short survey, I’ll also tell you a bit more about how the new program is coming along.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. If you missed any of Kevin’s meditations, or just want to listen again, you can find them all from the home page our blog:

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      1. Anissa says:

        I like that your meditations don’t rely on music to guide you into a relaxed state. Music is so personal that you risk ruining an otherwise beautiful experience with unnecessary elements.

      2. Hi to all,
        For those of you who have been asking for downloads of these mini meditations, you can visit the following link:

        There, you can download three mini meditations and get signed up to receive info on the full program.


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