“Just One Thing” Mini Meditation to Dissolve Stress

    Last week, I had one of those weeks where unexpected demands and changes in routine were piling up on me at a bewildering clip. It was only Tuesday and I wondering how I would possibly get everything done that I needed to do by the week’s end. The following mini meditation is a template of what I did to get back to a better place and turn my week around.

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      14 Responses to ““Just One Thing” Mini Meditation to Dissolve Stress”

      1. Very calming, deep breathing is the key to being still, being present, observing the activities needing to be done without tension or anxiety, just focusing on breath and relaxation. Thank you

      2. Kathy Philp says:

        Thanks so much for that, boy did it come just at the right time for me. I am now calm and know exactly what I need to do, I love it.

      3. Brenda says:

        You have done it again Kevin, from thousands of miles away you saw me come through the door from the dentist, hot, hurting and wanting a cup of tea…husband didn’t offer so I made us a cup and sat listening to this while it (and me) cooled down.
        Has anyone else told you today that you are an angel? x

      4. Kelli says:

        Thanks Kevin!! That was great. I was just going over my “to-do” list for the day when I came across your email. Needless to say, it was right on time!!

      5. Ruby K. Muhammad says:

        The meditation was wonderful. Very calming and relaxing.
        Thans. Peace, Love, and Light.

      6. Hannah says:

        It did take me down a few notches-very nice.

      7. Kathi Winkers says:

        Thank you for this simple yet effective meditation!

      8. Kandu says:


        Is it possible to download it?


      9. Hi to all,
        Thank you for all your positive feedback on this meditation. I really appreciate it and it gives me inspiration to keep them coming.

        Have a great week!

        P.S. To Kandu’s question about downloading: This post will remain accessible for you to listen to anytime. You might bookmark it for easy return. At some point, I will put together a fresh group of these meditations into a downloadable program. 🙂

      10. singitha says:

        Thanks Kevin it was beautiful

      11. Last week I was so stressed and overwhelmed with decisions I had to make with my advisors on some tough negotiations. The “Mini” meditations came at the perfect time. It worked and it works!!Thank you very much for sharing this technique.

        Adriana Roberts

      12. A.Lakshman says:

        What a wonderful, I really appreciate

      13. Melanie Harmon says:

        This is very good and helps me to focus on just the one thing, I also like the fact that these are mini and I can stop for about 8 – 10 minutes to kind of regroup. Thank you, Melanie

      14. Yvette says:

        Thank you very much for this Kevin. Am going to use it. And God bless you.

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