Is Your Spirit Trying to Tell You Something?

    This week we’re going to explore signs that your spirit is trying to speak to you and signs that you may be blocking those messages.

    Do you experience a low level anxiety when wake up in the morning? Do you have any areas of chronic tension or pain? Do you feel a subtle fear or sense of “being on guard” under the surface of your life? Are you chronically tired? Do you repeatedly experience the same disappointing results? Do you feel that there’s something that you are missing, that you need to know or understand?

    If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, your spirit may be trying to tell you something. In fact, your spirit may have been sending you subtle signals for a while. You may have pushed these aside, thinking they’re not important. Yet, this only prompts the messages to be sent more strongly and persistently.

    You can try to ignore these signals so that you can get on with doing all the tasks you need to get done in your life. You may think these signals are just “par for the course.” Life is challenging. It’s true, life will always present you with something to deal with, to learn from, or to work through—that’s how we fulfill our purpose in being here.

    Yet we can only accomplish our purpose and live our authentic journey if we pay attention to the cues that life sends. Life is always speaking to us. If we ignore these inner nudges, the messages will come to us more strongly and dramatically—until we listen and take action.

    So, if you find yourself dealing with any persistent pain, tension, anxiety, negative mood, low energy, doubt, fear, nagging question, or irritation and you just can’t seem to shake it, it may be an opportunity to find out something about “who you are” and “what you are here to do.” Rather than just taking an aspirin and hoping that it will go away, take a few quiet moments to tune inside and ask yourself “What is my spirit trying to tell me?”

    Don’t expect an answer to just fly forth from your inner space—though it might. Instead, initiate a practice of inner listening and feeling, and, then, see what comes into your awareness, at that moment or later in the day. In the least, these few quiet moments will help you come back to center and relax. At best, you’ll initiate an inner dialogue that will guide you to messages from your soul.

    Enjoy your practice,

    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. Meditation is a great way to cultivate inner awareness and schedule daily quiet time. Learn more here:
    “Secrets of Meditation”

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