Is This Really Possible?

    Today we wrap up our week exploring heart intelligence by sending positive feelings to others. Now, depending on your perspective, that may seem natural or impossible. However, the long tradition of prayer and the findings of science are converging on the power of this possibility—that we can send positive intentions, thoughts, and feelings with real effect to people and situations around the world.

    The folks at the Global Coherence Initiative have been studying this effect for years. In fact, they have placed sensors around the globe and in the atmosphere that have measured the effect of coordinated activities of collective consciousness on people and events across the planet.

    You can participate by following the steps that we’ve outlined so far this week:

    1. Focus on the area of your heart and imagine yourself breathing in and out through your heart until you can feel a connection there.

    2. As you become sensitive to feelings in your heart, shift into “neutral.” Continue to breathe slowly and deeply through your heart, while observing and accepting any feelings you have without reacting to them—until you arrive at a relaxed calm state.

    3. Smile and bring the feeling of smiling into your heart. Allow the feeling of smiling to warm and further relax your heart. To help you do this, you can imagine a happy time in your life, or a beloved pet, or your unconditional love for someone in your life.

    4. Once you have generated positive feelings in your heart and you feel calm, happy, and peaceful, send your positive feelings from your heart to a person or situation. Imagine them receiving that positive energy and using it in the best way.

    If this seems farfetched, I encourage you to try it out and see what happens. In the least, it will help you generate positive feelings that you can carry into your life and relationships. In the best case, who knows what can happen?

    If you’re interested in learning more about the Global Coherence Initiative, check out their website:

    Enjoy your practice,

    Kevin Schoeninger

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