Is Remote Viewing For Real?

    Check out this new this video about “remote viewing”.

    Is Remote Viewing For Real?

    I know I know 🙂  Might sound a little “out there”?

    Is this a case for Moulder and Sculley? 🙂

    Well I say reserve judgment until you see this video.

    “Amazing”, was how Sheilagh Mercer described it.

    “I definitely believe in the concept”, was what
    Marianne Holmbergbirch had to say afterwards.

    “Awesome” was what  Robert Thomason felt

    Now’s YOUR time to watch the same video …

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. There is a reason why this video got 1592 comments
    already. Don’t miss it. Watch it now, as Michael will be
    taking it down soon.

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