Is Life Trustworthy?

    In our last three posts, we’ve been exploring how to move from reacting in upset about the way life is to being centered and relaxed in a more conscious response. As you practice making the mental shift from reaction-judgment-tension to acceptance-appreciation-gratitude, a deeper shift may begin to open up at the core of your being.

    Your background state may begin to relax into a deep sense of trust. Rather than experiencing a constant low-level anxiety in life, rather than being constantly on guard, you may begin to feel that life is always working for you and in the best interests of all. There is a positive evolutionary impulse that is grace-fully guiding us forward.

    You won’t need to try to believe that. Instead, by practicing acceptance into appreciation into gratitude life may show itself as trustworthy. You may begin to experience life in that way. You may begin to notice how many times unexplainable things happen that guide you, protect you, and provide just what you need when you need it. The more times you perceive those things, the deeper your trust will grow.

    Besides practicing acceptance-appreciation-gratitude for the gifts that every moment offers, there’s another simple strategy to realize a deeper sense of trust in life:

    Act “as if” Life is trustworthy. Pretend that it is. Go about your day with that mindset, regardless of if you really believe it or not, and see what happens. Be on the lookout for how life is in your favor. Take actions that you would take if that were the case—and notice the results.

    I’d love to hear your results with that experiment.


    Kevin Schoeninger

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      4 Responses to “Is Life Trustworthy?”

      1. John-Arthur Daley says:

        Many thanks to you for your programs.
        I have found your insights enlightening and your guidance
        The more that I trust life the more secrets are revealed to me in funny ways .
        In the books I am drawn to and even in articles seemingly unrelated to what I am currently doing.

      2. Hi John-Arthur,
        Thank you for your positive feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to say those things.

        Also, thank you for sharing how your inner guidance lights up the more you trust–especially in seemingly unrelated and unexpected ways.

        Well said.


      3. Kevin, thank you for the article. I, similar to John-Arthur above, believe that the more I Trust, and the more I Let Go, the closer I come to my truth and being connected to all that surrounds me.

        I spend MUCH of my time interviewing others and publishing their stories on Letting Go and Trusting. Based on your article, I’m guessing you’d make an excellent contributor. Through these stories, my intent is to inspire and encourage others to Let Go and Trust. To see examples of what I’m referring to (my passion), please visit me at and decide if you’d like to contribute. I’m always on the lookout for REAL stories by REAL people. ~ Leslie

      4. Hi Leslie,
        I visited your site and love what you do. I will write a short story that might fit in and send it along.

        Keep up your great work!

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