Is Fear Really An Ally?

    Fear gets a bad rap these days. In the world of human potential and living your dreams, we’re told that fear is what holds us back and stops us from doing all those good things we want to do. This idea fails to understand the positive purpose in fear and how to work well with it.

    Fear alerts us to action that needs to be taken. It’s the emotion that prompts preparation. When we understand fear in a specific situation, we get a message about what we need to do right now.

    The problem with fear is that, when we don’t recognize its value and don’t keep it specific, it tends to become a generalized feeling. We tend to globalize fear from one situation onto another. This is a problem.

    For instance, we have a bad experience with public speaking and develop a generalized fear of speaking to others regardless of the situation. We get hurt in a one relationship and carry it with us, generalizing fear onto all opportunities for intimacy.

    To work well with fear, keep it specific and in the moment. When fear arises ask yourself, “What is really happening and how can I prepare for it? Allow fear to heighten your intuitive senses to pick up on information in your environment and inside yourself. Then take appropriate action.

    When you have a habit of using feelings of fear to alert you to appropriate action, you develop a different relationship with fear. It becomes your ally. When you are familiar with fear and friendly with it you can use it to take the next right steps in your life.

    You’ll also come to discern “false reads” or feelings of fear that are simply generalized anxiety that don’t tell you anything about what is really happening now. They are just ghosts of the past.

    If you keep to the present, you can allow fear to heighten your intuition and guide you to right action.

    I’d love to hear instances in which you’ve used fear positively in your life.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. To learn to work well with your fear, check out “The Friendly Fear Notebook”

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