Instant Relaxed Confident Energy & Back Pain Release

    I discovered this technique about six months ago, practiced it, then started teaching clients–with amazing results! Doing this for three breaths instantly opens up deeper breathing, increases your energy, improves your mood and confidence, and releases the poor posture that causes back pain (and other chronic pains and fatigue).

    This video by Dr. Eric Goodman shows you how:


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      1. Tanya says:

        Really enjoyed the clip and know these things to be true…there is however an issues that I have been dealing with for over forty-two year that no one has yet been able to find relief for yet. Aware of posture because when I could I saw a great chiropractor. Being sure that I am not along with such an issue is one of the reasons I am taking a moment to write. November 6, 1971, I was in an auto accident and as a result ended up having a “shoulder fusion”, two surgical screws holding arm into shoulder… I have not been able to find pictures of the procedure on the internet it is so out of date. Sitting here typing is causing so much pain almost in tears. The position of the shoulder blade as a result of the fusion, puts pressure in the upper spine at the point of the shoulder blade now causing the spine to curve. With no rotation in the arm there is no need to even think about stretching it is just not going to happen. A few yrs., later a fall on the ice twisted my lower back and the fall was to the fused side, the weakest. It is only possible to stand as your clip suggest for a moment and it feels good but, soon there after the lower back can no longer stand the pressure. So very tired of pain pills and still being in pain or just plain out of it. In need of some help! Have you any suggestions? My Chiropractor one told me that I would be a good one for student study…my life…this is it pain gets in the way of everything leaves me alone with it my only company…would love a chance for anything good (or one) to come into my life…like this as much as I try to hide it, who wants someone in pain. So, So tired of being in so much pain.

        1. Hi Tanya,
          Thank you for sharing your story. I so empathize with the pain you are feeling and wish I could tell you something that would make it better!

          I don’t know if this is possible given the effects of your injuries and surgery, but maybe trying the technique suggested in this video for short moments several times a day? When I was first learning this, I actually felt a little nauseous, as I was stretching abdominal muscles that had been shortened for decades. However, after doing this many times a day, a little at a time, it is now my new comfortable posture.

          Another suggestion for your pain is to place your awareness around the edges of it and ask your body to tell you what it needs to heal. See if it’s possible to accept the pain and welcome whatever it has to tell you. Just approaching the pain with that mindful attitude can take the edge off. And, though it may sound strange, I have found that my body will tell me amazing things as I ask it questions and pay attention to what comes into my awareness.

          I wish you well,

          P.S. To Therese, Pauline, and those who are feeling some benefit from this already, keep up the good work and thanks for letting me know that you found this helpful.

      2. Pauline Crespin says:

        The video was educational and so helpful. My back will never be the same……… Thank You

      3. Therese says:

        Thankyou Kevin for solving my problem accessing the video. I wasw deeply touched by you taking the time to be so caring.

        What a great gift! I practice 5 or 6 times and I already feel better and taller.

      4. thanks for the excellent video.I am 76 years or age and have a problem with my lower back which has been there for 30 years due to a motor accident. My spine has slowly developed to have “scoliosis and disks have almost disappeared in the lower back. The pinched sciatic neres give me pain at night extending down my left leg making sleep difficult. i would be willing to try any exercises recommended and any other suggestions you could offer.

        sincerely Bruce Wormald, (Sydney Australia)

        1. Hi Bruce,
          Here’s a webpage with strengthening and stretching exercises for your hips and lower back:

          Pay attention to how you feel as you do these and don’t push through pain. Relax, breathe, and work in a comfortable range of motion.

          You may find the seated cross-leg stretch near the end especially good for sciatic relief.


      5. Indrasen Dhurandhar says:

        Referring to Tanya’s problem. Try Sujok Therapy It is a form of acupressure Doing acupressure on the fingers gives a lot relief.

      6. Dorothy says:

        Hi Thank you for sharing this video, I did it along with you – I love the feeling of being stretched – I have been having a ache in my hip for a few weeks now – I’m sure this will help me. Thank you Dorothy

      7. Julia says:

        Thank You Kevin for sharing this very helpful video. I have suffered with back pain for years, especially neck & shoulder area. After seeing a physiotherapist I have been doing some exercises to help with posture as the physio identified this was the problem. I will be sure to include this in my routine as I felt better after one short trial along with the video….. Thank You so much for all your good work 🙂 Julia x

        1. Hi Julia,
          So glad you found this helpful.
          I discovered that my body adapted these cues as my new habitual posture after a few weeks of practice.
          Keep up the good work!

      8. Priti says:

        It was amazing”i hv been a teacher i used to help this kind of children more.i would like to study more on this subject nd i ll do it .thanks

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