“I’m Replacing Meditation Sessions With Extreme Cardio Workouts… But Will It Be Enough?”


    You know how much I love my MEDITATION training! 🙂

    But just the other day, my girlfriend Vickie threw me a challenge!  We were having lunch when she said to me…

    “Matt, I’m doing a run for Sports Relief to raise money for disadvantaged kids…. Will you get off your fat “@rse” and join me?!?”

    So I checked it out and guess what I discovered?

    Sports Relief are doing some amazing work helping suffering children all over the world!  So I thought, why not give it a shot?  I can work on my “external fitness” and make a difference at the same time!  And here’s the best part …

    When you contribute to Sport Relief, you’re doing something truly incredible and here’s why…

    ALL the money you give is spent to help poor and vulnerable people turn their lives around …. all over the world.  So if you’re willing, I’d be grateful if you could make whatever contribution you can afford here:


    Oh yes… and I should say that the purpose of this event is ONLY to raise money for vulnerable people around the world.  Neither myself or The Mind-Body Training Company receive anything for this.  All contributions are paid directly to Sports Relief who spends it ALL helping vulnerable people around the world.

    Sports Relief are a UK charity, but you can still make a contribution if you live in the United States or anywhere else.  Your bank will convert your contribution into your own currency for you automatically.  To give you an idea — $50 bucks at $1.5/£ is about £33 pounds.  Just $15/£10 could buy 20kg of seeds which a poor community in Kenya can use to grow their own food and crops.

    Here are a few personal stories which show just some of the ways people’s lives can be changed thanks to Comic Relief cash.


    So please join us.  Let’s raise some cash and change lives.

    Go to my contribution page on Sports Reliefs’ secure web site:


    And click the Sponsor Me button at the bottom

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. Thanks for your support!  Let’s hope all the extra hours in the gym pay off! 🙂

      3 Responses to ““I’m Replacing Meditation Sessions With Extreme Cardio Workouts… But Will It Be Enough?””

      1. crystals says:

        This is an excellent post, Matt!

        I believe while we work on improve our lives, there is always rooms to help others.

        In helping the suffering children, we will also gain in a way or another.

        The Universe is always ready to give back to us what we have given to others on this planet.

      2. Mari says:

        I’m sure it will work, Matt.This is a great job, kids deserve it.
        Wish you a good luck!
        Lots of respect and support.

      3. mark says:

        Well done for “Going for it!”
        My health and finances are not up to much at moment…so
        I could only give £5 – but it is 1 mossy net which will make a difference to at least 1 person.
        Thanks for doing the challenge (It’s much mor fun and personal to give to someone who you appreciate is doing something worthwhile – rather than just phoning up and giving blindly.).
        All the best

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