I Need Your Help – This Is For YOU

    Glad everyone enjoyed all the audios and the
    meditation we shared with you this week… The
    feedback has been amazing.

    Now, I have a favor to ask …

    Don’t worry, this will be fun!

    Kevin and I are launching his new program in
    January called “The Life You Are Meant To Live”.
    (It’s all about tapping into your TRUE purpose
    with the law of attraction.)

    We’d like to get your feedback on this before we
    release it to the rest of the world.


    We have a small number of preview sets available.

    I’d like to send you a copy of the program today
    so we can get your feedback.


    Get all the details and claim your review copy here:


    And thanks so much for your help on this.

    To your Highest possibilities!

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. One last thing.  Please do NOT pass this
    link around.  We only have a small number of
    preview sets.  I want to make sure this first
    batch stays within our community until we get
    your feedback.  Here’s the link again:


      8 Responses to “I Need Your Help – This Is For YOU”

      1. Hi there
        I so look forward to your sharing, The LIFE YOU ARE MEANT TO
        Very often I look for spiritual, uplifting, and caring
        information. When you work in health care it is a real
        blessing to find something as this to keep YOU going too.
        Keep up with the great work that you do, it is wonderfully
        put, and God bless YOU both for sharing and caring for

      2. Eunice Brunido says:

        Dear Matt and Kevin,

        I,ve been receiving all you predownloads of your programmes, unfortunatelly I, m going through big difficult times and not always have the time to come to the computer and write to everyone I,d love too, including you both. Now here I am telling you that I loved the predownload of THE LIFE YOU ARE MEANT TO LIVE!, and tried to download the copy for 30 days of trial. But I always get the comment that my credit card has expired, although it will only expire on XXXXX. I don,t understand why this information keeps coming up on your order page that it,s already expired! So, how can I order the programme when I have a valid credit card that is not accepted for you. Please help if you can! I think I,m in dire need of this set of Cds.

        Thanking you for every download and your constant attention, hope to hear from you soon, clarifying this misunderstanding with the card.


        P.S.I,m a Flight attendant and am now on a computer in Rio de Janeiro, where I dont have all the signs I need on the computer board. Sorry!

      3. Thomas Kretzschmar says:

        Hello Kevin,

        it seems like I personally can´t safely keep up anymore with your tsunami of mails, free audio downloads and new programs to try for free or buy etc. My E-mail inbox is very full anyways each day with plenty of stuff like infos and newsletters which I subscribed to over the years…

        I do like, of course, your work and publications and don´t want to miss anything. Therefore have this question:

        Can you prepare a web sub page, that lists ALL your recent Mailings by calendary date and, each with clickable links in order to link up with the very content ?

        That way I could see at one glance – I think – WHICH messages ( like audios, new CD-program infos etc. ) I have followed up already and WHICH ones I probably did NOT YET take my my desired notice of, due to the above described constant Mails overflow. ( I´m sure, I am NOT the only person, who feels such rather urgent need…)

        Let me know please ( tmkjab@t-online.de )if you are aware of such possible conundrum and if you care to try do something that your “viewers/listener/clients” won´t miss anything important.

        Best regards,

        Question: –

        1. Matt Clarkson says:

          Hi Thomas,

          Thanks for your comment.

          That’s exactly what our blog is http://www.MindBodyTrainingCommunity.com.

          There’s even a calendar on the bottom right side for your convenience.

          Let us know if you need anything else.

          The Mind-Body Training Company

      4. Kevin Schoeninger says:

        Hi Eunice,
        If you have any difficulty with ordering please go to this link and Client Support will help you out:


        Thank you for your comments and your interest,

      5. Gerald says:

        Thank you so much!
        You have always taken care of my many situations,although I have yet to come out and state everything.
        I look forward for your other fantastic presents!
        Live longer for us!
        Kind regards

      6. Ray says:

        i really enjoy the free medititions and i am interested in getting the The Life You Are Meant To Live program but just can”t afford it at that price is there any cheaper version or something simular for a cheaper price?

        Thank you!


      7. Shelly Z. says:

        Hello Matt & Kevin,

        Thank you so much for the Gratitude Meditation. This is the perfect time for me to receive such a beautiful gift. I was so moved through the meditation tears ran down my cheeks. I know this meditation will help facilitate me reaching my goals of abundant living.

        Thank you!

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