How to Set Good Intentions

    Do you ever find that the day gets away from you and you don’t accomplish your best intentions? In the next three days, we’ll explore three simple things you can do to make sure that you’re accomplishing what is most important to you.

    Of course, you need to have a good intention to start with.

    What do you want to grow in your life? It could be anything from a creative project, to a life change, to a way that you relate to others. Do you want to write a book, start an exercise program, stand up for your point of view in meetings, or listen better in relationships? Define something specific that you would like to create more of in your life.

    Once you’ve identified what “that” is, begin your day by calling your intention to mind. Instead of rushing off into the day and racing through your “TO DO List,” start your day a little more deliberately.

    Sit at your bedside, take a few deep breaths, and bring to mind what you want to grow in your life today. Imagine a specific way that you can grow “that” in the events of the coming day. You may need to block out some time to act on your best intention or you may have a specific event already in your day where you can put it into action. Imagine yourself in that activity or event, visualize doing exactly what you need to do to carry out your intention, and feel what it is like when it goes well.

    When you start your day by setting and imagining the fulfillment of your good intention, you prime your body and brain to create that in your life. You also prime your schedule to realize your good intention today.

    Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to follow up on your morning practice.

    Enjoy your practice,

    Kevin Schoeninger

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