How to Reprogram Your Consciousness

    Last week we explored the idea that we enter life preloaded with “default settings” that set us up to experience things in certain ways. We have subconscious and habitual attitudes, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that seem hardwired into our psyche. As a result of these, we find ourselves having the same experiences over and over again. In this post, we’ll look at two keys to reprogramming your consciousness so you can have better experiences.

    Though your default settings often exist below your conscious awareness and feel inevitable, it is possible to become aware of these settings and consciously reset them. You can recognize what you are thinking, feeling, and doing, release that, and rewrite these programs.

    Here are two simple keys to doing that:

    First, learn how to put yourself in a relaxed, positive, clear, and coherent inner state. This neutralizes the effects of old programs and creates fertile soil to plant the seeds of new attitudes, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.

    Second, use an inner programming method to plant, nurture, and grow the new attitudes, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that you’d rather have instead.

    One way to accomplish both of these steps is through a meditation technique such as Core Energy Meditation, which is available in our program “Raise Your Vibration.”

    Another way is using brainwave entrainment along with mind-programming technology.

    Matt Clarkson and I have written a special report that compares and contrasts these two powerful strategies and gives you insight into how to use them safely and effectively. You can check out this report by clicking on the link in the P.S. below.



    P.S. Click here to access our free report on two powerful consciousness reprogramming strategies.

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