A Simple Trick to Clear Your Mind Quickly

    This week, I received a question from a client asking how to practice Inner Smiling and wondering how it relates to meditation, which she thought was more about “clearing your mind.” In this post, I’ll share my response and give you a simple trick for clearing your mind quickly along with some pointers on Inner Smiling. At the end of the post, you can listen to a new Inner Smiling Mini Meditation with some super-relaxing background music I just discovered.

    Now, when talking about meditation, I think it’s helpful to differentiate the “technique” of meditation from the “results” of using a technique. “Clearing your mind” is a desired result of meditation. But, if you try to use “clearing your mind” as a technique, it’s likely that you’ll not be very successful. It’s like “trying not to have thoughts.” You’re going to have thoughts—and you’ll probably notice them even more if you’re trying not to have them.

    So, instead of trying to clear your mind, one effective meditation technique is to focus your attention on one specific cue for a period of time. You then recognize whenever your attention wanders from that cue and return to it without self-judgment. And, if you encounter self-judgments about how you’re doing, you notice those too, let them go, and return to your focal cue.

    As you guide your attention in this way, you develop one-pointed concentration which leads to the result of “clearing your mind.” You also develop the skills of monitoring your attention, releasing distractions, tensions, and resistance, and relaxing into deeper and deeper meditative states.

    Now, if you want a quick trick to clear your mind, ask yourself the question: “What will my next thought be?” and see what happens. Go ahead and give it a quick try. . .

    That always brings a smile to my face.

    If you’d like to use Inner Smiling as a cue for meditation, or just for feeling good at any moment, here’s how to do it:

    To practice Inner Smiling most simply, put a subtle smile on your lips, close your eyes, and feel the sensation of smiling inside your body. I like to feel the sensation of smiling in my heart, which has a powerful positive effect on my whole mind and body.

    To strengthen that experience, you can focus on something that makes you smile—like a baby laughing, your dog or cat rolling over on their back with their feet in the air, or anything that gives you that easy, warm, positive feeling. Inner Smiling instantly shifts your brain chemistry, boosts your immune response, and initiates a cascade of positive effects in your body and brain including “clearing your mind.”

    Here’s a new Mini Meditation version of Inner Smiling that I just recorded. Thanks to www.Silenciomusic.co.uk for the background music.


    P.S. Click Here to take a free meditation quiz and get more great tips to clear your mind.

      20 Responses to “A Simple Trick to Clear Your Mind Quickly”

      1. Prabodha says:

        Great kevin, great post, great tips can save life.
        Thanks a lot.

      2. Don says:

        Wholey smoke–that really works. Best thing since ice cream.


      3. Dotty says:

        Realizing that the body doesn’t know the difference of fact from fiction, have found that whatever I think the body will obey. An imagined inside smile, creates and outside body manifestation. Thanks for the wonderful reminder and a review of the tips. Great posts…thanks for sharing…:0)

      4. Valene says:

        Wonderful idea and insight. Thanks so much


        Thanks for this wonderful meditation. It really works

      5. I have always used this technique and your suggestions have conformed me to be right. Thanks for the enlightenment.

      6. Renette says:

        Thank you so much Kevin

        Awesome meditation, an instant inner awakening on gratitude, and happiness

        I always appreciate your work


      7. kumar says:

        Simply great technique for gaining inner depth and resulting in stress free living / dealing with out side world ! Thanks

      8. Raju Iyer says:

        Lovely meditation.Can be done when one is depressed also. It will soon bring one to joy and happiness.

      9. Jennie Webb says:

        Hi Kevin, I always love your meditations. Thank you for being so generous to us always.


      10. Joyce says:

        That was lovely, thank you! A question….each time I do a meditation where I have to concentrate on my heart I’m never sure whether to go to my physical heart or the heart chakra…can you please help?

        1. Hi Joyce,
          Glad you enjoyed this mini meditation.

          My suggestion is to focus on a large area in the center of your chest that includes your physical heart. Allow your body intelligence to guide you to the “right spot.” That said, I do not believe a pinpoint location is necessary, but more of an emphasis on the sensation and feeling in the general area of your heart. In fact, I think the more you can expand that relaxed, positive feeling throughout your chest and upper back–and then your whole body–the better.


      11. katti gururaj says:

        bravo!great technique for faster and deep meditation,many ideas can burst in happy mood, you will be disease free by enjoyinghappiness.thank U very much dear kevin.

      12. padma says:

        I got used to keep my tounge touching the roof of the mouth, which is suggested by you and also by zen-teachers and which helps connecting energies between the heart and the mind-centre, but it takes me a little effort to keep this position and smiling doesn’t come easy in that position, actually it doesn’t happen at all, even if I feel happy and have warm feelings of wishing all beings to be happy, a smile doesn’t come about as long as the tounge is up

        1. Hi Padma,
          It could be that the roof of your mouth is too far a stretch for your tongue. You might try placing the tip of your tongue on your gumline, just behind your upper teeth. I think you’ll find it easier to maintain a subtle smile in this position.

          Enjoy your practice!

      13. Surely you can use this technique for almost anything?
        I divide my heart up into rooms. There are 4 of them. I have a junk room which has a clear out every day.
        I have a room for immediate stuff.
        A room for my work.
        Another for myself.
        The trouble with most people is that they worry about stuff that they cannot possibly do anything about and they carry it around with them. Its like a constant dvd
        NOTICE I SAID HEART NOT BRAIN- I use my brain for intellect.
        The secret of living calmly is to leave yesterday as a reference point NOT as a spear point!

      14. Thomas says:

        Thanks for this post, very useful to me. I recommend this book “How to Clear Your Mind” to anyone looking for inner peace and doesn’t have a lot of time to spare.
        Get the book here: http://www.howtoclearyourmind.com 

        1. Hi Thomas,
          Glad you appreciated this post. Thanks for saying so and for your suggested reading.

      15. Kandu says:

        Regarding the trick… have you heard of QE by Frank Kinslow?

        1. Hi Kandu,
          Yes, I discovered Frank Kinslow through his book “The Secret of Quantum Living.” I appreciate his simple approach to shifting to “observer” consciousness. Very much in line with what we’re talking about here, though a different technique.

      16. Manoranjan says:

        TM’s basically the same thing anyawy, except you’re given a secret’ mantra, which is really the same for each age group. Originally, there was only one mantra, RAM which is pronounced RAAHM . Just use that. Vocalise your mantra softly to begin with and over the course of a minute say the mantra softer and softer until you’re only repeating it in your mind, while your consciousness rests on Oneness. You don’t control the breath, just repeat the mantra. if your mind drifts, bring it back.

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