How to Master the Internet

    It’s truly a challenge not to suffer from information overload these days. We are engulfed in high-speed, high-quantity, and often-chaotic stimulation from many sources. We have access to so much information and we are bombarded with so many demands on our attention that it is absolutely imperative that we learn how to master our attention.

    One way to do that is to master your attention while you surf the internet. With that in mind, you might ask yourself a few questions the next time you get online:

    What is most important to me?

    What is my purpose at this moment?

    Is what I am doing at the moment directed toward growing what is most important and purposeful to me?

    These questions create a perceptual filter that will help you weed through information, discard what isn’t essential, and gather what is important.

    In tomorrow’s post, we’ll talk about effective strategies to manage your email INBOX—another great way to master your attention by mastering the internet.


    Kevin Schoeninger

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