How To Have A Moment Of Peace

    “Just give me one moment of peace!”

    You may have heard that iconic line from one of your parents or a teacher.
    Maybe, more recently, the words flew out of your own mouth. 🙂
    Life can be stressful. We live in a world that asks us to go faster
    and do more than ever before.

    I just discovered this excellent short video (below) that shows you a simple,
    easy, and effective thing to do in those moments. When you do this consistently,
    you’ll bring more and more moments of peace into your life.

    Thanks to Martin Boroson for making this available on YouTube.
    After you watch, please share with your family, friends, and co-workers
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    P.S. Click Here to learn more Secrets of Meditation.

      9 Responses to “How To Have A Moment Of Peace”

      1. Saratha says:

        Loved this! A kindly presentation that brings a smile and peace. Thank you!

      2. Paul says:

        I loved this. Just I have been looking for. Very peaceful and extremely helpful in maintaining concentration or just letting it happen without really concentrating.
        Thank You

      3. Ms says:

        I still can’t do it

        1. Hi Ms,
          Is it possible to notice that thought “I still can’t do it,” accept and even welcome it?. . . notice how that thought makes you feel, accept and even welcome that. . . notice what those thoughts and feelings make you do or want to do, accept and welcome that. . . take a deep breath. . . notice how anything shifts, changes–or not–as you observe, notice, accept, and welcome whatever is going on inside?. . . What happens if, for just a few moments, you accept and welcome whatever is happening inside and around you?

      4. Sandra says:

        I enjoyed that
        Thank You

      5. tim says:

        Great! Thanks. A really pleasant moment.

      6. Brenda says:

        I woke up, it was going to be one of those awful, hot, sticky days with higher temperatures that England have ever had, but at this moment it was cool, the sun hadn’t warmed up yet. I sat here and turned on my computer….I saw this, and learned how to have a moment of cool, wonderful peace. I will hold this in mind during the rest of the day…bless you and thanks….x

      7. Glad so many of you enjoyed this and shared it with others.
        Thanks for your comments!

      8. fow says:

        thanks very much its fantastic to escape from stress life even for a moment
        god bless you

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