How to Get Smart With Your Resolutions

    In yesterday’s post, we talked about seeing failure with your New Year’s Resolutions as an opportunity to learn and get smarter in your approach. A great way to get smarter so that you can re-energize your good intentions is 80/20 Analysis. You can apply 80/20 Analysis to anything you want to grow in your life.

    This technique flows from the Pareto Principle (named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto), which “states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” (

    This principle is applied in many fields to determine how to make systems, companies, or individuals work better. For instance, it’s common that 80% of a company’s sales come from the top 20% of its sales people. It is important to concentrate on what those 20% are doing and reward them so they want to keep doing it, while also teaching the other 80% how to emulate that top 20%.

    You can apply this idea to evaluate how you can improve your approach with anything you desire. The basic idea is that 80% percent of your positive results come from 20% of your actions or time spent. In other words, your good results come from positive things that you are doing 20% of the time. The other 80% of your time is likely spent inefficiently at best and counter-productively at worst. You can use 80/20 analysis as a lens to see how to be more effective in your life.

    In our next post, we’ll explore four questions to help you apply 80/20 analysis to continue to grow what is most important to you.

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    Kevin Schoeninger

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