How to Generate Positive Feelings

    So far this week, we’ve learned how to focus attention in our hearts and access a feeling of “neutral” to release negative feelings and stress. Now we’re ready to do some positive feeling generation.

    Once you’ve focused your awareness in your heart and taken ten deep breaths imagining that you are breathing in and out through your heart, you will likely feel more relaxed and centered. Rest your mind in the space of your heart and continue breathing slowly and deeply until you find your calm center.

    Once you are there, you are ready to activate positive feelings. You can begin by smiling. Go ahead and smile and notice how that simple action shifts your inner feeling immediately. Smiling has a positive effect down to the cellular level. It produces positive neuro-chemistry, boosts your immune response, and bathes your body and brain in positive energy.

    Now, imagine that your heart is smiling. Allow the feeling of smiling to warm and relax the space in and around your heart. To increase the feeling, you can imagine a time when you were really happy, or imagine a beloved pet or someone that you love unconditionally, as you continue to smile into your heart.

    Spend a few minutes and enjoy the sensation. Record that smiling feeling in your heart, so that you can come back to it at any time.

    To finish up our week on heart intelligence tomorrow, we’ll explore how you can send your positive feelings to others.


    Kevin Schoeninger

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      2 Responses to “How to Generate Positive Feelings”

      1. I believe when we focused your awareness in your heart you must always do it one moment at a time. Today is filled with a wealth of those moments.

        Live with respect and appreciation for each small moment, and that value will be yours. If you fill a moment with resentment, nothing of value will come of it.

        In the confines of a single moment, what possible place could there be for worry or despair? After all, it’s just a moment, it’s yours to use, and while you have it you are ready to activate positive feelings.

      2. lisa says:

        can’t hurt, might help, have a situation I’m going to try that with … thanks for making it simple…

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