Gratitude Questions: How To Feel Grateful!

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    These “gratitude questions” are so important ….

    They allow you to feel good about your life right here, right now. They also help you get into alignment with what you truly want to attract in your life.

    Of course, I first sent you this audio message and meditation download for Thanksgiving last year. But I feel this is so important (especially in these “hard times”) that I decided to send it again.

    With gratitude,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. You might want to make a note of these “gratitude questions”. Spend a few minutes asking them and notice how you begin to feel better and better! Or if you’re lazy like me, just download the Gratitude Meditation and follow along!


    Gratitude Meditation Download

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      7 Responses to “Gratitude Questions: How To Feel Grateful!”

      1. Patchouli says:

        Thank you! That is a wonderful meditation. 🙂

      2. dreamwvr1955 says:

        Thanks for the awesome meditation. Your meditations are always worth listening to.

      3. ghis says:

        very relaxing meditation thank you

      4. Terese Malm says:

        REALLY ENJOYABLE :0) to listen to, thank you so much :0)

      5. Terese Malm says:

        Thank You :0) I am sure we all would like to hear more of you :0)

      6. Matt, this is a great meditation! The quality and texture of your beautiful voice and the pace of your words is so RIGHT ON! Your background music in this and all your more recent meditations has been excellant. The music does not overpower the spoken words and is not distracting.
        The more meditations you create the better they become!
        A real gift to all of us! Thank you!

      7. Irina says:

        Thank you !

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