How To Create Positive Change in Your Brain

    I’m reading a great book called “Rewire Your Brain” by John B. Arden, Ph.D. We’re going to feature in-depth study of this book on our Spiritual Growth Monthly membership site in March. In this book, Arden conveys groundbreaking research from neuroscience on how you can harness the power of “neuroplasticity” in your brain to make positive life changes.

    Neuroplasticity basically means that the structure and function of your brain is not set in stone. It is not determined by genetics and you can make positive changes to the way your brain works throughout the course of your life.

    The first key is to get your brain more active by feeding it new input every day. You can do this by reading new information, learning new mental skills, doing new physical activities, traveling to new places, and engaging in novel experiences.

    When you give your brain new input, you stimulate neurogenesis, the creation of new neurons and new neural connections. Your brain gets new grey matter and the grey matter you have gets re-organized with new pathways and networks.

    In this week’s posts, we’ll talk about four steps you can take to build on your greater brain activity to create specific positive shifts in your life.

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    Kevin Schoeninger

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