How to Create Life-Changing Moments

    Today, we wrap up our series of posts on how to transform subconscious reactions into life-changing actions. We’ve talked about how to identify automatic defenses, interrupt them, and shift into a learning perspective. Now we’re ready to take life-changing action.

    When your subconscious defenses are activated, you have tapped into unresolved experiences from your past. These are encoded as neural pathways in your body and brain. The trauma of these experiences continues to hang out in your body, heart, and mind creating tension, illness, conflict, doubt, and fear. They become especially active when you challenge yourself to reach beyond your comfort zone.

    When you follow the steps we’ve talked about this week to identify your reactive patterns, interrupt them, and learn from them, you then have the opportunity to do something new. You can re-pattern your mind and body by shifting your neural networks in that moment. You can take action to counter these automatic reactions and create new pathways for your life.

    Your greatest moment of power is when an automatic defense is activated. When that pattern is in the forefront of your conscious awareness, shift how you think, feel, and act right in that moment to rewrite that pattern.

    Here are a few examples of how you might do this:

    If you are triggered in a way that makes your body tense, right in that moment, pause, take a few deep breaths, stretch, and relax. Then imagine the most direct action you could take to positively resolve the situation.

    If you get caught up in an argument, defending yourself and blaming the other person, pause, and take a deep breath. Then, take responsibility for your part in what is happening. Apologize for blowing things out of proportion, ask to hear the other person’s viewpoint again, and then express your side taking the other person’s perspective into account.

    If you find yourself about to eat that second bowl of ice cream to stuff down your feelings of sadness, frustration, or doubt, pause, and take a deep breath. Focus into your body and tune in to what is happening. Face your feeling directly, have compassion for yourself, and choose something that will really make a positive difference in your life.

    The moments that feel most challenging are your moments of greatest opportunity. Recognize what you are doing, accept it, appreciate what you can learn, and take the most direct action to change your life right then and there.

    I wish you well in your practice.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. I’d love to hear about how you’ve recognized and moved through your subconscious reactions into greater awareness, choice, and positive action.

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      1. lois lee says:

        hello kevin

        I am lois who is one of regular readers of your essay.
        it is quite pleasant for me to start my day with morningpages(now more than 3 years) and your daily article, even though sometimes I miss them.

        each of your essay is quite something for me, ’cause it is so simple & brief, yet very fundamental & profound, is giving ideas to keep me focused on myself and my life…

        sometimes i do love to translate it into Korean, thinkig that those translations will be helpful to my website(blog type: )readers, if it is introduced officially under the permission from the author directly.

        I am leading my own creativity program and running the website for the people who are interested in finding their real self and doing morningpages(the tool introduced in the book of julia cameron ) to help themselves like me.

        now it is the time I need to tell you why I am writing this letter to you.

        yes, if you allow me, I want to traslate your essay on a regular base and introduce them to my readers thru my webpages(I have more than 2000 members now).

        I think you may plan to have your own book published from your writings. then I can be the translator of your book which will be possibly purblished in Korea as well.

        I want to know what is your thought about my idea.

        warm regards

        1. Hi Lois,
          We would be glad for you to translate these posts into Korean and post on your website as long as you put a link to the post on our blog along with it.

          Thank you for sharing this work.

          Best wishes,

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