How to Clean Your Mental Filter

    Living in the world of 2011 means dealing with a deluge of information and tasks to be done. Technology has made us more efficient and with that efficiency has come a “need for speed” in all aspects of our lives. We have trained ourselves to have “everything all the time in an instant.”

    With that intensity comes a need to filter information and activity down to what is essential, so we’re not swamped by it all. It’s become absolutely necessary to consciously manage your energy and attention to stay centered, sane, and navigate on purpose.

    An important insight in this regard is to realize that life is an interpretive act. You may think that you see things “the way they are,” but in reality everything you experience comes through the filter of your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and even your physical state at the moment. These are four dimensions of your perceptual filter.

    What you experience in life is the result of what you are bringing to your experience at the moment. This includes your intention: what you are looking to have, be, or do; your thoughts: the beliefs you hold about what is real and possible; your mood: if you are optimistic, pessimistic, stressed, happy, sad, etc; and how it feels to be in your body: your state of health, relaxation, and energy.

    One of the purposes of meditation is to clear and simplify your perceptual filter, so that you can recognize what is important to you in the moment and act from your highest perspective. If your mental filter is clogged with judgments, doubts, fears, self-criticism, grudges, old hurts, negative feelings, low energy, and poor health, it’s even more challenging to see clearly. It’s more challenging to sense inner guidance and sail toward your best intentions.

    Every day that goes by without you cleaning your mental filter leads to a more clouded view.

    What can you do about it?

    A time-tested method is to take some time every day to let go of activity, sit still and silent, and connect with that part of you that is clear and peaceful underneath it all.

    When you first do this, you may find that your mind feels busier and more cluttered than ever. However, you’re just becoming aware of your normal state. As you learn to observe the flurry of thoughts, feelings, and sensations that is going on inside without reacting to them, you’ll begin to access a part of you that is not caught up in all that—that is every still and silent at your Core.

    The more you do this the more you’ll release the mental clutter, heal the trauma, and relax into your inner essence.

    A daily practice of still silence will begin to clean your mental filter so that you can make clear conscious choices about what you take in and what you keep out. You’ll find yourself more able to focus on your top priorities and let the rest float on by.

    Happy practicing,

    P.S. Secrets of Meditation is a great introduction to the essence of this powerful practice

      2 Responses to “How to Clean Your Mental Filter”

      1. John-Arthur Daley says:

        Hi Kevin,
        Your insights ring so true to me and meditation is the truth sreum that enables me to pause at the closing of each day and review my life and its progress into the uncharted areas of my soul.
        I am extremely grateful that I discovered your calming and insightful methods of gaining access to these truths.
        John-Arthur Daley

      2. Hi John-Arthur,
        Thanks for sharing your practice of pausing at the closing of the day and reviewing your life and your soul’s progress.

        Nicely said.


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