How to Activate Your Heart Intelligence

    Researchers at the HeartMath Institute have found that when subjects focus into the area of their heart combined with a positive feeling such as love, appreciation, gratitude, and trust they activate a powerful relaxation response. This produces a cascade of positive effects in the body and brain including the lowering of heart-rate, blood pressure, and stress hormone levels, and increasing brainwave coherence, immune response, and the body’s repair functions.

    Subjects who do this report feeling more relaxed and positive as well as gaining insight into solutions to the challenges they are facing. Most importantly, this is a self-initiated process that anyone can learn. Once you master this skill, you can use it anytime, anywhere to bring you into a state of calm, heart-centered presence that will help you enjoy and be more effective in anything that you do.

    Step One in this process is to learn to feel the area of your heart. Go ahead and try that now. Close your eyes and put your focus into the space in and around your heart. Imagine and feel as if you are breathing in and out through your heart. If you place a hand over your heart, that can help to further focus your attention and increase the sensation. Breathe through your heart for ten slow, deep breaths and notice how you feel.

    In tomorrow’s post, we’ll build on your heart focus with Step Two.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. To learn more about Heart Intelligence, check out the HeartMath website

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      1. durgaprasad says:

        Pls educate me on heart dynamics.

        1. I highly recommend the book “The HeartMath Solution” by Doc Childre and Howard Martin and their website

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