How Much Power Do You Really Have?

    We are aware of but a fraction of what is actually happening in our lives. I don’t know if you can state that with a percentage, but let’s call it 1%. What do I mean by that?

    Let’s take our bodies, for example. Beneath our conscious awareness, our bodies are performing countless functions to keep us alive. From breathing, to circulation, to digestion, to immune response, to cellular growth and repair functions, most of what is happening in our bodies goes on without our conscious participation.

    Likewise, what shows up in our lives seems to happen to us. Yes, we have plans and take actions and these have an effect on what happens to us and around us, but the majority of the complex web of interactions that determines exactly what shows up in our lives is outside our conscious awareness. It’s a big world and a lot is going on that we don’t know about.

    It would seem then that our lives are the effect of forces inside and around us that are beyond our conscious control.

    So what does it mean to be “conscious co-creators” of our lives? How much power do we really have?

    Could it be that we can enter into what is happening in a more conscious way? Could we learn how to have greater impact? Does that mean we would have to control the infinite number of events that happen inside and around us? Or is there a different way to enter the action?

    Is it possible to shift into an inner state that cuts underneath it all and gets to the Source of our experience? Is it possible that we can connect with a layer of our being that acts like a blueprint for all the various details?

    In energy meditation, we connect with our internal energy system, the paths of Life Energy that flow through our body and inform our physiological processes. Going deeper, we encounter an infinite Field of energy/love/light/awareness that gives birth to the details of our material existence. This Field is sometimes called Zero Point Energy, Source, or Universal Qi (“chee”), among many other names.

    When we experience “that” we discover a deep and abiding peace that resides steadfast at the Core of our being. We also find that the underlying Field is a domain of spacious, fluid possibilities.

    To the extent that the “Field experience” and the inner state that it facilitates merges with our everyday awareness, we experience a shift in the quality of our lives. Prior to that, the material world may seem solid and hard to change. Within the “Field experience,” life is a fluid play of possibilities in which our consciousness plays an effective role.

    Having a daily practice that brings you into that Field Awareness opens up a whole new world of possibilities and inner power.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. On Spiritual Growth Monthly we explore insights and practices to realize and live from that deeper “Field experience”

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